Windows IIS7 Pretty URL

If you want pretty url on windows IIS7 then you need web.config file in your server as .htaccess not working on IIS7. Replace '[' with '' create a web.config file Add to root directory enable pretty url

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How to check if you are in edit mode or not

If you are building a concrete5 addon or customising the theme. you might have to check if you are in edit mode or not. There you can use global $c; if ($c->isEditMode()) { //////Do something//////////// } else { //////Do another thing/////////

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Process to know logged in user from block

Here is simple code to get that user has logged in to edit/dashboard from block.


Using tabbed panels in concrete5 5.7

How to use tabbed panels in block forms in concrete5 5.7.


Package Install Notes

Package install note very useful to give installations option into your package, so user can install package as they needed.


Global Areas for each language section

How to generate Global Areas for every locale


File Permission Errors: How to spot and fix these errors in Linux

File permissions are easy to spot and easy to fix. When installing or moving C5, sometimes you get permission errors.


Make all YouTube embeds responsive

Custom CSS to make all Youtube embeds responsive (including in edit mode). I chose to make it override every single YouTube embed, because I can't remember the last time I embedded a video and didn't want it to be responsive.