Record the page ID in form responses

When you use the same form block across multiple pages, knowing which page a response was submitted from may be important.

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Using a Custom URL Attribute for External Redirection

While this how-to can be applied to any situation where you might need a permanent external redirect (301) from any page within the site, I am writing this specifically for a redirect to google+ business page.

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Third party assets in packages

Include third party code libraries and other assets in a concrete5 package.


Getting the URL for a block or package tool

A quick refresher on building URLs for tools files in blocks, packages and the root /tools directory.


Get ecommerce product name and description for use in custom blocks

Get ecommerce product name and description within a custom block on product_detail page types.


Use Bootstrap Tabs in frontend theme without an add-on

This how-to will show you how to use custom attributes and a custom page type to integrate Bootstrap Tabs into your website's theme.


Check prerequisites before installing a package

During package installation, check prerequisites and prevent installation if prerequisites are not met.


How to run multiple concrete5 installs on a single core (Apache vhost config)

If you run multiple different concrete5 sites on a same Apache server, do you want to save the disk space? Here is how to.