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Released on January 22nd, 2018.

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What's New in 8.3.2

What's New in 8.3.1

What's New in 8.3.0


  • You must update to before updating to 8.3.2. If you are using a version of 5.7 below 5.7.3, you must update to 5.7.3 before updating to 5.7.4 or greater.


(MD5: 4025fa119449c435a404f5dbdc8ed0a8)

(Important note: if you have the concrete5 core team Calendar add-on on your site, this release candidate will deactivate and uninstall that add-on, including all of its content. An import feature is available for this data. Just head to Dashboard > System and Settings > Calendar > Import Calendar Data and you can import your calendar events from your old calendar into the new 8.3 calendar.

8.4.0 Release Candidate 2

Version 8.4.0 of concrete5 is coming very soon. It contains a lot of updates, including some improvements to speed, thumbnail handling, multilingual functionality and much, much more. If you'd like to help us get it ready, please download the release candidate, test it by upgrading your current 8.3.2 sites and help us by reporting issues in GitHub.


Download 8.4.0RC2 

What's new in 8.4.0

Legacy concrete5 and are stable, legacy versions of concrete5 verison 7, and 5.6, respectively. They can be downloaded from the legacy versions page:

Download Legacy Versions

Trying to migrate from version 6 to version 7? You'll have to do that by hand.



Install with Composer

concrete5 can be installed and managed entirely through composer.

Install Using Composer


$ composer create-project concrete5/composer new_project



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