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The latest stable release of concrete5 is It was released on April 3, 2014.

Download What's new in Download 5.7 Beta 1

The next stable release of concrete5 is It will be released very soon and features some important bug fixes. Want to test it? Download the release candidate today.

Download What's new in

Version 5.7

concrete5 version 7 is in active development and on its way.

Learn More and Download Beta 1

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concrete5 Support
Best For Personal projects and small organizations where budget comes first.
Traffic 1-10,000 of visitors/month.
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concrete5 Support No
Managed Core
Best For Organizations that want a single contact for anything related to their website.
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Server Support Yes
concrete5 Support Basic questions included.

Development and support at $150/hour.
Starts at $1,000/mo
Best For High availability or multi-site projects that require secure solutions.
Traffic 100,000-10,000,000 of visitors/month.
Server Support Yes
concrete5 Support Basic questions, critical bugs, and security updates included.

Development and support at $150/hour.

Download the future of concrete5

The next version of concrete5 is right around the corner, and it's a major one. We built in Redactor (a great editor you should check out) and revisited all the interface.

This version
 overhauls and improves everything you know about concrete5, making the interface easier while simultaneously offering developers more flexibility than ever. This is concrete5 for modern PHP. 

5.7 Beta Preview Release

We are now offering concrete5 5.7 Beta 1 for preview release. This release is not bug-free, is not backward compatible, and is not production ready. Parts of it are not finished yet. It is meant for those who are curious about the future of concrete5, want to help us iron out all the remaining bugs, and want to build new exciting add-ons for the platform. 

Feedback and Bug Reports

We would love to hear feedback and reports about what isn't quite working yet in 5.7. But don't report them on – those bug trackers are only for finished releases. Instead, get yourself a Github account and join us in the concrete5 5.7.0 Github repository! Post issues and discuss the direction there.