The Permissions button gives you a range of options for determining which users and groups are allowed to view and modify the page. If you have advanced permissions enabled then there will be more choices for permissions. 

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Limiting Available Subpage Pagetypes

Hi. I'm running 5.6.1 on a site where I would like to limit the set of pagetypes offered to users when they add a subpage dependant on their group membership and where the page is being created. This used to be available via the advanced permissions "Curr…

Sub-page Permissions programmatically

When creating a user I am creating a unique calendar for each user which they can control. This works fine, but when I log in as that user I am unable to create events on the calendar - this is due to the sub-page permissions which is not allowing it. I c…

Allow a content block only to be seen by Guests

I've enabled advanced permissions and I'm trying to set up a content block only visible to Guests. See my settings (screenshot). This doesn't work. Does any one know why? thanks.

User permissions, set time

Can you make a user a member of a group for a fixed amount of time? Related to this, is it possible to send out a group email to a group of users in a concrete5 site from the dashboard?