Paste from Scrapbook

Scrapbooks let you reuse a block on many pages. 
There are two types of scrapbooks, personal scrapbooks and global scrapbooks. Due to the organic nature of software development, these scrapbooks actually are built in different ways. 
Every account has a personal scrapbook. You can add blocks to your scrapbook from one page, and then paste that same block into a new page. You can only paste a block into a specific block area once on a page. If you're trying to paste some horizontal visual separator over and over into same block area and it's not working, that's why. 
There are also global scrapbooks that different admins can all share. These can be created from the Dashboard area, where you can actually create blocks to fill them as well. These blocks get permissions and custom templates which area all managed through the Dashboard > Scrapbooks area. 

Adding a block to your scrapbook


On a new page, instead of adding a new block, pick Paste from Scrapbook


This brings up a list of all your scrapbook items for you to pick from


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