Can't edit anything on two concrete5 sites, please help so I don't have to go back to Wordpress!

Okay here is the situation. I have two sites and below are the details for both. I am having the same problem with both sites.

I can't edit ANYTHING on the site. I can't edit meta information, add any blocks, add any pages, etc.

The first site is an appliance repair site, hosted with Hostmonster. I installed it without a problem a couple months ago. I built it out perfectly and everything was peachy. Until today I tried to edit something and found out I can not edit a single thing.

The second site is a physical therapy site, hosted with Bluehost. I recently tried setting this up, but I ran into the inability to edit anything immediately.

I have tried reinstalling a dozen times on the physical therapy site. I deleted every file, deleted the database, and started from scratch. Doesn't help.

These problems are not related to my computer or my internet connection. I tested it out on a friends computer on a different connection.

These problems do not seem to be related to read/write/execute settings. I gave the files a 777 just to test and that did not help.

The error message is not helpful, in fact the error message appears to be just echoing out some code.

This also does not appear to be an issue with a theme. It happens regardless of theme.

I also just tried to do it using SimpleScripts and that did not work either.

Here is a screenshot of the error message:

Here is the full error message:

ccm_menuObj9954 = new Object(); ccm_menuObj9954.type = "BLOCK"; ccm_menuObj9954.arHandle = 'Header Top'; ccm_menuObj9954.aID = 54; ccm_menuObj9954.bID = 99; ccm_menuObj9954.cID = 1; ccm_menuObj9954.canWrite =true; ccm_menuObj9954.btName = "Content"; ccm_menuObj9954.width = 600; ccm_menuObj9954.height = 485; ccm_menuObj9954.canCopyToScrapbook = true; ccm_menuObj9954.canDesign = true; ccm_menuObj9954.canAdmin = true; ccm_menuObj9954.canDelete = true; ccm_menuObj9954.deleteMessage = "Do you want to delete this block?"; ccm_menuObj9954.canArrange = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_menuObj9954)}); Office: 763.682.2075   Cell: 763.300.5875 ccm_areaMenuObj54 = new Object(); ccm_areaMenuObj54.type = "AREA"; ccm_areaMenuObj54.aID = 54; ccm_areaMenuObj54.arHandle = "Header Top"; ccm_areaMenuObj54.canAddBlocks = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj54.canWrite = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj54.canLayout = true; ccm_areaMenuObj54.canDesign = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_areaMenuObj54)}); Add To Header Top HomeRepair ServicesService AreaContact Us ccm_areaMenuObj22 = new Object(); ccm_areaMenuObj22.type = "AREA"; ccm_areaMenuObj22.aID = 22; ccm_areaMenuObj22.arHandle = "Header"; ccm_areaMenuObj22.canAddBlocks = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj22.canWrite = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj22.canLayout = true; ccm_areaMenuObj22.canDesign = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_areaMenuObj22)}); Add To Header ccm_menuObj11124 = new Object(); ccm_menuObj11124.type = "BLOCK"; ccm_menuObj11124.arHandle = 'Main'; ccm_menuObj11124.aID = 24; ccm_menuObj11124.bID = 111; ccm_menuObj11124.cID = 1; ccm_menuObj11124.canWrite =true; ccm_menuObj11124.btName = "Content"; ccm_menuObj11124.width = 600; ccm_menuObj11124.height = 485; ccm_menuObj11124.canCopyToScrapbook = true; ccm_menuObj11124.canDesign = true; ccm_menuObj11124.canAdmin = true; ccm_menuObj11124.canDelete = true; ccm_menuObj11124.deleteMessage = "Do you want to delete this block?"; ccm_menuObj11124.canArrange = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_menuObj11124)}); Major Appliance Repair Major Appliance Repair is located in Howard Lake, Minnesota and services Buffalo, Monticello, and all surrounding areas. View our entire service area here. We repair all major appliances, A/C, and furnaces. Click here to learn more about all of our repair services. Fast Service Our goal is same day or next day service. When you need fast service, our goal is to provide service within 24 hours. No need to stress about appliances that suddenly need repair at the wrong time, we have you covered! ccm_areaMenuObj24 = new Object(); ccm_areaMenuObj24.type = "AREA"; ccm_areaMenuObj24.aID = 24; ccm_areaMenuObj24.arHandle = "Main"; ccm_areaMenuObj24.canAddBlocks = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj24.canWrite = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj24.canLayout = true; ccm_areaMenuObj24.canDesign = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_areaMenuObj24)}); Add To Main ccm_menuObj7823 = new Object(); ccm_menuObj7823.type = "BLOCK"; ccm_menuObj7823.arHandle = 'Sidebar'; ccm_menuObj7823.aID = 23; ccm_menuObj7823.bID = 78; ccm_menuObj7823.cID = 1; ccm_menuObj7823.canWrite =true; ccm_menuObj7823.btName = "Image"; ccm_menuObj7823.width = 300; ccm_menuObj7823.height = 470; ccm_menuObj7823.canCopyToScrapbook = true; ccm_menuObj7823.canDesign = true; ccm_menuObj7823.canAdmin = true; ccm_menuObj7823.canDelete = true; ccm_menuObj7823.deleteMessage = "Do you want to delete this block?"; ccm_menuObj7823.canArrange = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_menuObj7823)}); ccm_areaMenuObj23 = new Object(); ccm_areaMenuObj23.type = "AREA"; ccm_areaMenuObj23.aID = 23; ccm_areaMenuObj23.arHandle = "Sidebar"; ccm_areaMenuObj23.canAddBlocks = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj23.canWrite = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj23.canLayout = true; ccm_areaMenuObj23.canDesign = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_areaMenuObj23)}); Add To Sidebar ccm_menuObj9355 = new Object(); ccm_menuObj9355.type = "BLOCK"; ccm_menuObj9355.arHandle = 'Left Column'; ccm_menuObj9355.aID = 55; ccm_menuObj9355.bID = 93; ccm_menuObj9355.cID = 1; ccm_menuObj9355.canWrite =true; ccm_menuObj9355.btName = "Content"; ccm_menuObj9355.width = 600; ccm_menuObj9355.height = 485; ccm_menuObj9355.canCopyToScrapbook = true; ccm_menuObj9355.canDesign = true; ccm_menuObj9355.canAdmin = true; ccm_menuObj9355.canDelete = true; ccm_menuObj9355.deleteMessage = "Do you want to delete this block?"; ccm_menuObj9355.canArrange = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_menuObj9355)}); Repair Services We repair all major appliances, A/C, and furnaces. Click here to learn more about all of our repair services. ccm_areaMenuObj55 = new Object(); ccm_areaMenuObj55.type = "AREA"; ccm_areaMenuObj55.aID = 55; ccm_areaMenuObj55.arHandle = "Left Column"; ccm_areaMenuObj55.canAddBlocks = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj55.canWrite = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj55.canLayout = true; ccm_areaMenuObj55.canDesign = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_areaMenuObj55)}); Add To Left Column ccm_menuObj9756 = new Object(); ccm_menuObj9756.type = "BLOCK"; ccm_menuObj9756.arHandle = 'Middle Column'; ccm_menuObj9756.aID = 56; ccm_menuObj9756.bID = 97; ccm_menuObj9756.cID = 1; ccm_menuObj9756.canWrite =true; ccm_menuObj9756.btName = "Content"; ccm_menuObj9756.width = 600; ccm_menuObj9756.height = 485; ccm_menuObj9756.canCopyToScrapbook = true; ccm_menuObj9756.canDesign = true; ccm_menuObj9756.canAdmin = true; ccm_menuObj9756.canDelete = true; ccm_menuObj9756.deleteMessage = "Do you want to delete this block?"; ccm_menuObj9756.canArrange = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_menuObj9756)}); Inspections You're going to need an expert to perform inspections. We offer inspections & cleaning for furnaces and dryer vents. ccm_areaMenuObj56 = new Object(); ccm_areaMenuObj56.type = "AREA"; ccm_areaMenuObj56.aID = 56; ccm_areaMenuObj56.arHandle = "Middle Column"; ccm_areaMenuObj56.canAddBlocks = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj56.canWrite = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj56.canLayout = true; ccm_areaMenuObj56.canDesign = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_areaMenuObj56)}); Add To Middle Column ccm_menuObj9857 = new Object(); ccm_menuObj9857.type = "BLOCK"; ccm_menuObj9857.arHandle = 'Right Column'; ccm_menuObj9857.aID = 57; ccm_menuObj9857.bID = 98; ccm_menuObj9857.cID = 1; ccm_menuObj9857.canWrite =true; ccm_menuObj9857.btName = "Content"; ccm_menuObj9857.width = 600; ccm_menuObj9857.height = 485; ccm_menuObj9857.canCopyToScrapbook = true; ccm_menuObj9857.canDesign = true; ccm_menuObj9857.canAdmin = true; ccm_menuObj9857.canDelete = true; ccm_menuObj9857.deleteMessage = "Do you want to delete this block?"; ccm_menuObj9857.canArrange = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_menuObj9857)}); Parts Do you want to do your own repairs? If you know which part you need, we can help you get it. If you don't know which part you need, we can help you figure that out. ccm_areaMenuObj57 = new Object(); ccm_areaMenuObj57.type = "AREA"; ccm_areaMenuObj57.aID = 57; ccm_areaMenuObj57.arHandle = "Right Column"; ccm_areaMenuObj57.canAddBlocks = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj57.canWrite = 1; ccm_areaMenuObj57.canLayout = true; ccm_areaMenuObj57.canDesign = true; $(function() {ccm_menuInit(ccm_areaMenuObj57)}); Add To Right Column Albertville, Annandale, Becker, Big Lake, Buffalo, Clear Water, Cokato, Corcoran, Darwin, Dassel, Delano, Greenfield, Hamel, Hanover, Howard Lake, Independence, Lester Prairie, Loretto, Maple Lake, Monticello, Montrose, Otsego, Rockford, Rogers, St Michael, Silver Creek, South Haven, Watertown, Waverly, Winsted © 2012 Major Appliance Repair. Website by Eric Mobley. 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View Replies:
ericmobley34 replied on at Permalink Reply
Concrete5 community. I really love this CMS. I can be a great ambassador, I may have hundreds of Concrete5 sites up and running within a couple of years. But I NEED help to figure out this problem. This problem renders one of my sites completely unable to edit and therefore have to completely redo it on another CMS.

I am preparing to move my two sites away from Concrete5 right now. But I am hoping this reaches someone that can help me, because I really don't want to move away.
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
I got this exact error last night, and was able to simply go right over it. Ill send you a pm, and do my best to help you through.
ericmobley34 replied on at Permalink Reply
If anyone comes upon this thread, my problem was fixed and the solution can be found here: