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1st level always expanded

Hi Chris, First time i've used one of your addon :-) pretty decent so far. I'm trying to figure out how the menu can always be expanded? Any ideas? Thanks -Paul

Manually select pages

Hi - I have site which has a number of sections but I just want an option to have a jump start menu with three key pages. Is there a way to manually select pages so people can select the menu that would say at the top 'select destination' and then there w…

Page Count

Hi There I need the parent nav to show a page count of all pages that exist beneath it. I got help in the forums from bbeng89 to enable that for the standard autonav block. I would like to incorporate it in with your add on. Would you be able to as…

Icon to the left or right

Hello, is there any way to add a specific icon for each page? Maybe this could be done via some page attributes... I'm no coder, but it would be great to have this feature. Anyway, thank you for a great add-on.

Accordion Menu pops open on every page load

See When navigating anywhere, the "shop" accordion menu pops open every time, and then will close, which is distracting and looks bad. Ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks...

Hard-code Accordion Menu into my template

I'm looking to put the AM code into certain templates so that my clients don't need to do it through C5 each time. I've figured out how to get it to work with the default C5 autonav using this method ...…

Add menu item but not page

Hi, Chris: If I didn't say it before I'll say it now... Accordion Menu is a GREAT add-on and it's really made my site spiffy! Thanks! I'm wondering if it's possible to add a menu item that goes to a separate (external) link instead of to a page on…

Active page highlight - do not highlight the daughter pages

Chris, Nice add-on thanks. I have a little problem with how the sub-menus are highlighted. Details are as follows: - when the parent menu item is selected, the parent menu item is highlighted, unfortunately the daughter menu items are also (attached…

Control speed?

Is there a way to control the speed of the menu for either the slideup or slidedown? If so, what options do we have?

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