How to change the place of the caption?

Simply create a preset and adjust a position for the caption. Use this preset globally or just for a picture. You can also create a preset that will only affect the position of the caption by setting all other settings to 'default'

What mean "default" in options preset?

When you set to "default" preset option that they will inherit the value:

  • Global preset if default is set to a particular image
  • default settings of the slider is set to default if the preset overall

Are all my pictures must have the same size?

Yes. given the complexity of transitions, here we could afford to bear the images of different sizes. Maybe in the next generation ..

How to display caption in html?

Simply fill the field 'description' of your image with a text with textile syntax and select in the options slider 'descritpion' as the caption

How to add a external link to a image ?

Create an text type attribute for files with the handle 'link_url'. On the property of a file, add these new attribute and paste them the url. Done your image is linked to the url !


More Faq soon.