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Before 2.0

Review posted by togafninja on at

Good slider

rich in functionality and features but it's a shame it has not support for small screens and mobile devices. I would give it 5 if it had mobile support.

Response by sebastienj on at

Good news, I fervently working on version 2.0 which is responsive! In a few days I will provide all users of advanced slider.
Review posted by sylbal on at

Probably the best slider

Looks nice, works great, nice integration in C5, well that looks like a perfect slider addon.
Review posted by Ekko on at

Easy to use & looks great

So many features, and so easy to use. Grab this, and you will not regret it.
Review posted by sverre on at

Exactly what I needed

Beautiful slider, highly customizable, easy to configure. All he functionality you would expect - and a little bit more.
Review posted by johnmbrimelow on at

Advanced Slider works!

First impressions last, it's a hackneyed expression but true, using advanced slider in conjunction with great artwork sets a great tone
Be sure to use good artwork so you take full advantage of the add-on
Review posted by ac24plus on at

professional look for an easy to use add-on

This slider delivers. It offers multiple looks and integrating into the website was incredibly simple. Great options, such as adding links to images, multiple transition effects, and an array of skins for the arrows and scrollbar. I had a little bit of trouble with the re-sizing tool, and it would be great to have some kind of preview feature for the different skins, but these are minor notes. Overall, this slider is a great value.
Review posted by DonRonito on at

Excellent slider, excellent support!

All the features you could possibly need. After the adding of custom skins and external url support upon request, this slider is perfect! Thanks a lot to the developer!
Review posted by jbatey on at


This addon as well as Sebastien's other addons are ridiculously simple to use and show up simply elegant on a site. Most everything he does works good out of "the box" and requires very little modification if any. I bought his "Monster Pack 2" It is expensive at first look, but considering the quantity and quality of the addons, it is a steal at $120. I am very critical of quality and I'd say don't hesitate with any of Sebastien's stuff - it's great!
Review posted by chai714 on at

Quality and functional

Works great out of the box. Nothing bad or improvements that I can think of except making it responsive for scaling down across different devices including mobile.
Review posted by vincedelaking on at

Nice add-on

Works out of the box.
Pretty customizable, good performance.
Overall, a very nice buy.
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

This Slider is Sweet!!

Great Slider with a multitude of options, variations, features and more. Easily configurable with an awesome final result. Get it!
Review posted by igrieves on at

Looks good

Install this addon and it looks great. Will use again.
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Quality Addon

So many options and variations, very impressive block.
Highly recommended.
Review posted by merge on at

Top Notch Slider!

This slider is very, very nice. These guys make great stuff and this is no exception. This is the best slider on the market hands down!
Review posted by dazb84 on at

Very good

Highly configurable and simple to use. Very good add-on.

2.0 - 1.2

Review posted by webpresso on at

Impressive presentations

We made really impressive presentations for a design-kitchen builder. This slider combined with good photography and effect - really outstanding.
Review posted by sbbehrman on at

Loving this option

This slider was part of the Silence theme that sold me on it. It provides more than just an image, but a way of promoting elements of the site effectively. Thanks for a great addition.

2.0.1 - 1.2

Review posted by jmdemers on at

One great slider.

Every feature you want is in this add-on. Easy to configure photo links, multitude of skins and animation possibilities, although some settings don't appear to change anything. It would be nice to have a skins demo page like for the Easy Tab add-on and more documentation.
Review posted by lackadaize on at

Simple and Easy

Great Slider. Didn't end up using it yet because client's design called for something else, but I played around with it for a bit. It's simple and easy.
Review posted by scottchappell on at

Advanced Slider

Works as stated, straight forward installation and can't wait to add more things!
Review posted by robhall on at


I would say this is not something you can understand straight out of the box and you therefore have to experiment a lot to work it out. It would really make a difference if there was some decent documentation to support it as the FAQ don't go near enough to helping me out.

having said that the effects are professional looking and there is good variability.
Review posted by ChosenOne on at

Very interested slider

Extraordinary animation and agile, fast work. Perfect!

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