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Advanced Survey for the 2nd time!

I utilised this add-on for my other website a couple of years ago and it was great. And when it wasn't quite working exactly the way I wanted to, the support I received from the maker was excellent.
I have bought a new licence recently for my second website as it is a pertinent add-on for my sites and Advanced Survey is the best available for Conrete in my opinion. I bought the second licence with no hesitation.
Well worth the money.
Review posted by impMI on at


This plugin does everything I need. Normally, I always need plugins to do a little more.

It would be nice to have a full-width responsive option for a block type, but it's easy enough to style.

Before 1.1.6

Review posted by cc87admin on at

Great tool

I was looking for an easy to use survey for my website. I found Advanced Survey has everything I need including online reports back to the client and I am able to combine different tools on my site. Easy to use for my clients and for me in concrete. I've developed one survey so far and look forward to building more on my site.

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