Version History

   - Updated UI for 5.5+/5.6
   - fixed weird thing where the history page only shows two ads and no pagination.

1.7.5 - fixed ad deletion issue.
      - Removing class reference to "advertisement" in the block output so it won't trigger ad blockers as easily.
      - Added click thru rate to advertisements page.
      - Added ability to clear advertisement impression + clickthru count.
      - Fixed advertisement detail impression count.

1.7.4 - fixed issue with add_click tool not converting GET values to integers.

1.7.3 - fixed bug with group filtering
      - fixed issue with ad detail Target Clickthrus and Target Impressions fields populating with ad name.
      - updated t strings and removed legacy functions
      - Changed Edit Advertisement Dashboard Pane header to read correctly
      - After creating/editing an ad, user is now redirected to manage ads pane with confirmation message.
      - Block form validation updated to accept '0' value to display all ads in an ad group.
      - Block form radio button in 'Select Existing' automatically set to 'Single Advertisement' when user clicks on 'New Advertisement' tab.

1.7.1 - fixed bug where including ad groups into a block would fail.
      - Added form validation to "number of ads to display" in add advertisement.
      - fixed cancel button on advertisement group redirect error.

1.7 - updated for 5.5

1.6 - fixed install of report page for new installs
    - fixed duplicate reporting when ad is in more than one group
    - changed weighted random to display ads with a targets that have been reached or set to 0 equally as apposed to being weighted by total clicks/impressions
    - added link to for click-thru tracking to edit ad form.

1.5 - Added searchable report page that displays impression, click-thru tracking by day with excel download.

1.4 - Added impression, click-thru tracking by day (excel download).
    - Disabled ad in edit mode.
    - Moved non-block related db schema into package level db.xml
1.3 - Fixed dashboard page that would only show 20 items

1.2 - Adding the ability to insert ads into tinymce

1.1.2 - fix html error on mysql strict

1.1.1 - Minor changes to make it php 5.3.2 and concrete 5.3.3 compatible, added licence file.

1.1 - Rewrite files API to 5.3

1.0 - Initial Release