The Advertising System extends your concrete5 core install to give you everything needed to manage your own banner ad program. An administration area lets you setup and track ads, while a new block lets you easily place any size ad you want in any block area.


  • Upload GIF, PNG, JPG, or SWF files to serve your own ad.
  • Link to external images or embed javascript for integration with 3rd party ad systems.
  • Create & manage groups, put ads in multiple groups.
  • Set target impressions and click-through counts to change balance in random ad pulls from a group.
  • See real time counts of impressions and click-throughs
  • Please note that links embedded in Flash-based ads are not tracked at this time.


  • Place an ad on the fly, still get the reporting in dashboard.
  • Pick a group to pull ads from, display a fixed number, and randomly fill slots using target counts for weighting.
  • Can be added to any specific page, or to a Page Type's Defaults to appear everywhere.