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Review posted by bw1 on at

Great! Only one request.

This has worked beautifully for what we needed it for. The only thing is the URL of the ad -- it's currently /index.php/tools/blocks/advertisement/ad_click.php?aID=7

I'm guessing that changing this may be difficult, but it would be nice to not have "advertisement" and "ad_click" in the URL.

Other than that, great!
Response by GregJoyce on at
You might be able to get what you want by overriding the existing block and tool in the add-on. I think this might require a good deal of editing php files so if that's not something you're comfortable with you might need to hire someone to make the changes for you.

This will basically give you a new block on your site that is now disconnected from the advertisement add-on's update path, but that add-on is basically at feature freeze so it should not have a new version.

Here is a how-to on overrides:

This might require a decent amount of customization to do because if you want to change the block's name in the url from "advertisement", you'll need to change any place where the block's handle is referenced as "advertisement" in code to whatever you named it.
Review posted by citytech2 on at

Cool add-on

This is very cool add-on according to me. It is pretty simple & user friendly. Thanks a lot.

Review posted by clintre on at

Simple and integrated

I was looking at a painful management of a third party system to manage ads on a new site I am building. This really fit the bill. Has a few minor issues regarding adblock software due to the url or the outbound click having advertisement in the path.

Still great product
Review posted by juboco on at


Very flexible add-on. Being able to create groups is a big time saver. Its nice because groups let you organize your ads in categories that will be relevant to the pages you will be adding the block to. Updating which groups ads are associated to is a breeze.
Review posted by WebStudioEast on at

Nice and basic

If you're looking for a basic ad server that's easy to use and not as daunting as openx then this is it. It's well thought out and very understandable for the customers. Very usable. Thanks guys!
Review posted by frz on at


pretty cool.. it even uses the click through targets to weight the randomness of ads cycled in a group

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