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Review posted by Mattydor on at

Great gallery with excellent support

This is a cool and powerful gallery add-on. I had a small issue with the cropped images but it was dealt with and fixed in no time. Now working exactly as I'd wish.
Review posted by 3hawk on at

Best Free Gallery

This is my go-to gallery for all my sites that need one. It's so easy to configure,and has so many features built in, each with so many options, it's an amazing gift for us that it's free.

I make galleries of software screenshots, art and photography, product views, etc. Easy, powerful - I find it hard to imagine why I would pay for a gallery add-on.
Response by Cravener on at
Thank you =)
Heh... I want to make it more powerful, but I am so busy... Heh... Sorry...
Review posted by okapi on at

Actually the best

This great gallery provides so many features (including pagination!) - for free! For me, this is one of the best, if not the best gallery currently available for C5. I'm happily using version 0.7.1 - while i had to recreate all galleries build with the previous version, it was worth the effort in the end, regarding smoothness of transition effects and - most of all - performance. Thank you!
Review posted by pdcouto on at

Very Complete and Full of Details

This is just wonderfull, you can config lots of stuff. I liked in particular the transparency options, making the background fade - in wichever colour you want - around the zoomed image.
Review posted by landollweb on at

Love it!

Lots of choices for how the images are displayed.
Review posted by wagdi on at

Image Gallery

One of the best image galleries out there. The customisations choices are huge!

Thanks for another great FREE add-on!
Review posted by bryanlewis on at

Best Gallery!

This gallery is so great! All the options, the price, and flexibility. Thank you for such a great addition to the community.
Review posted by Vinzent on at

It's very nice

The looks, the coding, everything is very nice! Always 5 stars for free add-ons!
I love the customizability :D lots of options.
1 point of improvement: the next & previous button in AJAX. so there wont be a whole page-reload needed for the next images.

But overall, this is great! :D
Response by Cravener on at
Thank you.

Tons of improvements and new features will be available in future versions of Amiant Image Gallery.
Review posted by MysteriousCleon on at


I use only this gallery. It satisfies all my needs. Thank you very much!
Review posted by DianaAyub on at

Great Add-on!!

Great image gallery add-on ! works smoothly ... Love it!!
Review posted by hhockx on at

Great add-on!

Thank you very much for this great add-on. I used it in the latest version of my photography website (the first version using Concrete5). It works very well and gave me enough possibilities to edit PHP and CSS to make te gallery blend in perfectly in the site design.
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

For several purposes

It is flexible so you can use it for several purposes. The only thing I miss is an automatic change of the pictures in overlay mode, so that the user does not need to click the forward button.
Review posted by calicomoose on at


I'm doing a low-budget site that needed a gallery to show images of products offered.
I was considering which gallery I should buy when I came across this. It does everything I need and more for free. I am amazed and very grateful for such a wonderful product.

You can't go wrong with this one!
I'm looking forward to see what this developer produces in the future.
Response by Cravener on at
Heh! Thank you!
Review posted by DtotheOR on at

Wonderful Gallery

Thank you so much for creating this feature rich block! I was wondering if you plan on adding the ability to have static captions under the images instead of or in addition to having them appear on rollover?
Response by Cravener on at
Thank you!

Yes. You are not alone with request for template for captions.
I will do it later.
Review posted by SpencerC on at

Sophisticated and Free

You can't get much better than sophisticated and free, except the excellent support which comes with it.
Review posted by witwag on at

Awesome Gallery

Extremely flexible, with a nice backoffice, tons of options out of the box. A great work ! браво!
Review posted by PocketSam on at


Is there any way I can make a contribution for you of any ammount?
Response by Cravener on at
Thank you very much!

But at the moment I am unable to accept anything.

I do not have an account in any payment system.

I have many plans for further development - Video Gallery, Audio Gallery, rating system, commenting system, and several improvements and bug fixes in the current version.

Thanks again!
Review posted by PocketSam on at

The best gallery on Concrete5 Market!

I'm really impressed how powerful and easy your gallery is! The best choice! It's simply amazing! Love it! =}
Review posted by jdsteknik on at


I needed a thumbnail viewer and was just about to buy one when I tested this free plugin. And it works with excellence (the one at the bottom of the page; note: the one responsible for the slow page loading is the other gallery function I use):

One minor issue if viewed in Opera (thumbnails boarders not so pretty) but I get several minor issues in Opera with other parts of my Concrete5 site, maybe one just shouldn't use Opera..

Response by Cravener on at
Thank you for your review.

Yes, thumbnails in Opera does not correctly centered in the container. I'll work on it further. As for some additional ideas - I want to integrate a rating system and the ability to leave comment for images. I plan these features for next version of Amiant Image Gallery. And it will always be free.
Review posted by olay on at


A very flexible and generous image gallery with plenty of options

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