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Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

MVA - Most Valuable Add-on!

This is probably my most widely used add-on. It is a basic tool to be used on almost any site. Great time saver. Thanks for this!!
Review posted by 76West on at

Solid Add-on

Need to split an area? Use Area Splitter. It will split areas faster than you can say "add layout"
Review posted by ssnetinc on at

A Brain Damage Savior

OK - while this add-on is pretty short on documentation - it is the best $15 I've spent for an add-on! It is simply awesome - no, it's fricken awesome. Adds some incredible functionality to a site. It has allowed me to split areas on even custom templates - in areas where "Layout" option was not available. As mentioned by other reviewers - you have to check out the Tabs and Accordion (expand/collapse) layouts. Not to mention the base function of letting you split a single area into any number of multiple areas AND add new blocks into each of those areas.
Review posted by OKDnet on at

Like a multi-tool

Just as an "area splitter" this is worth the price for the added flexibility VS using the core functionality to spit an area.

But wait... this is a MULTITOOL. Check out the included Tab and Accordion templates! They reveal the tip of the iceberg of hidden power. Of course to see the rest of the iceberg, you can create additional templates.

So thanks for a great add-on at a great price!
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Nice add-on. Many options.

This is there for a while and seems to stay for coming C5 versions.
Has many options. Just the tool i'll needed.
Review posted by Juerg on at

Such a time saver

I needed the ability to create flexible columns within the Magic Tabs block. Without this add-on I would have been stuck. I could have built my own custom block but without the flexibility, this add-on gives me. Thank you for a great job :-).
Review posted by okapi on at

Very useful & very handy!

After having purchased this add-on, i found out that it not only does what "Add Layout" does, but much more - amongst many other things, it enables to define units like pixels or percentage with accurate values for columns, which is exactly what i mostly need. Apart from that, i'm also very happy with the tabs layout: tabs are working nicely out of the box, even accessible via keyboard tabulator!

I think that bunch of features should be mentioned even more in detail in the description of that add-on!
Review posted by EIanetti on at

Wow! This is an excellent add-on - And, you can't ask for better support - Totally responsive

Wow! This is an excellent add-on - And, you can't ask for better support - Totally responsive.

I am relatively new to C5, but not web building. The one thing I have found frustrating is buying products and finding they didn't exactly work or that I needed support. I asked a pre-sales question got an immediate response and was up and runnning with the add-on immediately.
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

Exactly what I needed for columns

This add-on helps me perfectly to create pages with two columns. The difficulty was, that I had to build a table-like layout. A two-column template like the sidebar template would not do, because you only have one row. So an add-on that splits an area was the right solution.

I only don’t give five stars because the add-on (at least when using the columns template) produces lots of inline CSS which bloats the source code.

Here’s how I changed the add-on: I copied the add-on’s block from “packages” to “blocks”, created a new folder called “css” in “blocks/matogertel_area_splitter/templates/columns” and created a css file named “matogertel_area_splitter.css” with my own style informations.
Then the file “blocks/matogertel_area_splitter/templates/columns” had to be modified in the way that the inline styles were deleted and classes according to my css file had to be created.
Concrete5 as a well constructed MVC framework finds the style sheet (if you name the file correctly).
Review posted by envisage on at

Easy and Flexible

This add-on is great! We were able to create page specific layout with in each block. It is easy to use and configure. I will use this again on other C5 sites for sure.
Review posted by gothold on at

Brilliant piece a very fair price. Gives me plenty of new ideas on how to present content, is easy to configure, well documented and loads fast. Clearly the most valuable add-on in my (small) collection. Thanks!
Review posted by xenophobe on at

Excellent Functionality (but use with care)

As a complete noob to most of the arcane arts that users of c5 take for granted i cannot stress enough how much time and headache this add-on saved me.
Review posted by sschildbach on at

Useful, but Confusing To My Client & Major Table Glitch

Matias who made the block, has been so helpful to me, so I feel a little guilty giving this block a bad to mediocre review. But, when I showed it to my client, it was the only aspect of the concrete5 site that they had trouble understanding. The biggest annoyance for me is the "table" option which does not keep the height of the rows in line. Each column acts independently of the others so if one of it's rows grows in height all of the other rows in the other columns don't follow, as a normal html table would. This is a major glitch that needs to be fixed. But, I do have to admit, the block has many uses, so maybe I'm being a little harsh. If the need arose, I would still purchase it again.
Review posted by Rambo789 on at


This block is way under priced. Everyone should have this one.
Review posted by goldfish on at


Tabs and Accordions would each be worth the price alone. Great Add-On!
Review posted by Enlive on at

Very Nice!

Yes there are a few bugs, but overall this is one of the most useful blocks around.
Review posted by ideasponge on at

Best in show and Form

Truly an excellent addon. Probably my favorite.
Review posted by Insiston on at

Fantastic Add-On

At Insiston we have this add-on listed as a MUST HAVE block to our clients. It gives excellent page versatility without needing a custom page type.

We encountered no problems with it thus far.

Appreciate your work.

Review posted by AlbertPotato on at


This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Super versatile and easy to use. Price is right also. Nicely done!
Review posted by synlag on at

Awesome Add-on

Very useful in combination with default pages of page types!

Thx Mato
Review posted by nemonoman on at

Outstanding addon

The best add on I have seen and the most reasonable price/functionality ratio in the marketplace.
Review posted by abovecreative on at


This is a really useful block, being able to specify widths of each area is great and actually means I don't need a couple of extra page types I created!!
Review posted by cleverington on at

What a difference this makes

I am a complete novice at things like PHP and C5 helped me make a 'more than acceptable' website for my football club (

This block turned it into a VERY acceptable site by allowing me to be more creative with my block placements.

I've noticed a few minor bugs, but nothing that makes me regret using it.

Fantastic, well done. I guess the next thing will be variable sized columns???
Review posted by Styves on at

I really appreciate this Add-On

It is not perfect, but hey...
what can I say: it have to be invented. Salute to Matogertel that got the idea. Wow! I'm excited to see what next he's gonna do with it.

Keep doing the good work. The best is yet to come.

Big thanks. Cheers!
Review posted by Mnkras on at

Good but Bugs

The idea is Excellent but the execution...
There are many bugs so far but i hope to be changing this review soon!

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