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is there an (not too difficult) way to use the images as background images (i don't need them scaleable)?

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hereNT replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not really sure what you mean here - backgrounds for what? You can use the image as the background of the whole slide if you want, the code in the templates is set up so that it loops over each image and you can output it at any size you want, the code shows how to get the source of the thumbnail image which you could use to apply it as a background image to a div instead of the source of an image.

Does that help?
tsilbermann replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your help - with the template modification it works nice.

The images I'm using are displayed in bad quality in slideshow (in file manager preview they have the "original" quality - like I exported in photoshop)

Sometimes (when browser or internet connection is slow) all Slides are displayed on page loading - is it difficult to implement a pre-loader like in other slideshows?

I'd like to see the navigation-arrows just on hovering the slideshow - is it possible?

Send you a PM with the Link

Thank you


hereNT replied on at Permalink Reply
Replied to your PM, I can't help you with everything but think I gave you some info to get in the right direction.

The image quality is set by the image helper, Attributes Slider has no control over that.

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