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Review posted by asaucier on at


Nicely styled, great instructions, works as advertised.

Thank you!
Review posted by emsconcrete on at

Awesome Addon and Support

Easy to use and works without a glitch. Only thing was that I didn't want it to auto-sort, but JB1 quickly responded to my request with the following instructions (in case you want to turn off auto-sorting):

You can do this with a small tweak to the js/advancedtable.js file on line 231:


Just comment that out (add 2 forward slashes in front).


I've used other addons by this author and they are wonderful as is his support.
Review posted by madelikethis on at

Did what I needed!

Awesome Table was easy to install with clear directions, and works well. You still have to be comfortable working within a regular table, but it paginates, sorts and makes things searchable. Great. Works with images also. Just remember that it defaults to sort by whatever is in the first column, but this can be changed in the javascript file settings.

Support was responsive. I would recommend to anyone. Thank for a nice add-on!
Review posted by menostar on at

Awesome Table

Thanks so much for quick follow up and support on your add-on

Great Job!!!
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at


I’ve used Awesome-tables to offer a sortable table with companies and their addresses. It works wonderfully fine.

There was only one “strange” behaviour with the alphabetic sorting. The mistake was in my source code: In my table, I had put some company names directly after the td tag, and the other half had a line break after the td. That led to the fact that those data sets with the line breaks were sorted after those without a line break (like a … z a … z).

I give five stars nevertheless, because a tidy source code should be my (the webdesigner’s) task. ;-)
Review posted by ottigerb on at


Thanks for this very nice add-on! This add-on in combination with Advanced Forms/Data Display bundle makes me :-D! Thanks!

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