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Backup Job (c5.6)

Important: Best suited to small sites where database backup is already known to run reliably from the dashboard without timing out. Please read the documentation before purchasing.

Get Backup Job and other tools to take take the strain out of managing your site in the Lazy Webmaster bundle or Lazy Webmaster Plus bundle.

Unless you have a professionally managed corporate server, the chances are that you don't backup your concrete5 site's database anywhere near as frequently as you should.

Installing this package creates a job that runs a database backup. Used in conjunction with the built in job scheduler, cron or my own FlexJob Scheduler, this will automate regular backups for small concrete5 sites. 

Easy to set up. Read the documentation and then simply install this Backup Job addon, install one of the above schedulers, and set the scheduler for the desired backup schedule.

Important: This addon is best suited to small sites without huge page statistics or other growing and large tables. Please read the documentation before purchasing.

For larger sites and files backups, Backup Voodoo provides a comprehensive solution to backing up anything and everything.


Support extends to installation and setup of this addon and correcting bugs within this addon. Support does not include free consultancy or assistance in restoring from backups or recovering failed sites. For help with such, please see the concrete5 forums.

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Sales have ended due to EOL

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