Special offers

The Bitter Shop System alone is powerful enough, no question! But if you want to get out of it a little bit more, you should read this article.

Special Offer 1 - Bitter Shop System together with the PDF Designer

The PDF Designer ensures that order confirmations are sent in the form of PDF email attachments. You can insert your own letter paper and redesign the layout as you wish. The integration with the shop system is seamless. It's a simple one-click installation.

Click here to buy both expansions together to a discounted price amounting to $200 (Regular: $250).

Special Offer 2 - Bitter Shop System + PDF Designer + Bitter Theme

Like offer 1, this offer also includes the PDF Designer. Additionally the Bitter Theme is part of this offer. The outstanding: The Bitter Theme is not just any theme. It contains extra stylesheets which provide a nice representation of the Bitter Shop System.

Otherwise the shop system will only be displayed in the standard bootstrap layout.

Of course the colors in the theme settings are all editable. By purchasing this offer, your site looks just like it did in the online demo after installation.

Click here to buy all three extensions together for a discounted price amounting to $230 (Regular $295).

Special Offer 3 - Bitter Shop System + PDF Designer + Bitter Theme + UI Bundle

Do you want to make your site shine and polish up the rest of your shop's content pages? Then there is no alternative to the UI bundle. The UI Bundle is a set of 10 extensions that really set your page in scene.

The UI bundle consists of the following components:

  1. Image Carousel
  2. Portfolio Grid
  3. Progressbar
  4. Accordion Pro
  5. App Icon
  6. Counter Up
  7. Glossary List
  8. Smart Banner
  9. Responsive Image
  10. Panorama Viewer

Click on the name of the extension to go to the respective product page.

Again the integration with the Bitter Theme is seamless via one-click installation. You can just lean back and install the sample content. At the end you will have a page that looks exactly like the demo page.

Click here to buy all extensions together at a discounted price amounting to $290 (Regular $645).