Version History
-Added missing end quote to modal popover view.php
-Added "white space" setting under configuration tab (defaults to "nowrap")
-Fix for "transparent" color value not staying saved (typo fix)
-Padding fix for "transparent" color (added display: inline-block;)
-Modal position and styling adjustment for Bootstrap 3.1.1
Adjustments for CDN manager support
Fix for modal pop out
CSS Adjustments

Updated to latest Bootstrap framework version 3.0.0
Updated default colors to 3.0.0 flat design
Added setting Flat Style
Optimized loading of icons by adding a load images button under the icon tab

Updated to lastest bootstrap framework version 2.3.2
Added ability to set text size
Added ability to set padding on text (left, right, top and bottom)
Added option to display popover on left, right, top or bottom
Updated text input to allow more characters for LivIcon support
Form fix for when concrete5 is installed a directory

Link fix for concrete5 set up in a directory
Set jumbo button to be responsive
Added compatibility for latest bootstrap framework v2.1.1
Fix for icons on google chrome
Fix for js links to support custom templates added to the root
Added margin for button text

Updated version to reflect current bootstrap framework version
Split settings into tabs
Updated color selection drop to be compatible with all browser versions including ie
Added ability to select an image, with adjustable size and cropping ability, from file manager in place of an icon
Added bootstrap modal functionality with tinymce editor
Added bootstrap popover functionality with tinymce editor
Added 2 custom templates for popover/modals. 1 for bootstrap based themes and 1 for non-bootstrap based themes
Added ability to edit button background color, background color on hover, text color and text color on hover

Updated icon selection method

bug fixes
CSS adjustments

added button shape
added download file option
added 350 icons in 3 colors with selectable position
added adjustable margin for button (space)

1.0 Initial release