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Review posted by synlag on at


Awesome buttons, great work, thanks a lot!
Review posted by Ekko on at

Incredible Time Saver

Having a way for a client to easily add buttons, and links themselves is the big sell point for me. Very easy to use, needs no real explaining, and empowers owners to add links as they need, when they need, and with pretty icons. Awesome add-on all around.
Review posted by hhockx on at

A first-class time saver!

This add-on makes it very easy to create good looking buttons. No fuzz, no drama, it all works 'out of the box'. There are many options regarding size and appearance of buttons. I've got two suggestions to make this add-on even better:

1) Button colors are chosen by name and there are lots of options to choose from. It would be nice to see a color sample for each name. Names like "btn-view-over-the-town-1" don't give me any clue about the color it represents. Having to try out every button to see how it looks is very time consuming (for a time saving utility)!

2) I would love to see the option to costumize button colors right from the interface by entering the #color code to match the looks of a website.
Response by hostco on at
Thank you for the great reviews. I just wanted to note.

1) The only browser that does not give you a color sample on the drop for color selection is google chrome at this time. All other browsers do have a color sample so its easy to know what you are selecting. The next update coming out fixes the issue for chrome.

2) This sounds like a good idea. We will look into adding it to the next release.

Thanks again
Review posted by MyVMC on at

Excellent Add-on and great service!!!

This add-on was just what I needed, it looks good, works as advertised and, Jonah once again helped me out of a jam!
Review posted by amernet on at

Great Product

I bought the booststrap first ( then learned they also have this fantastic addon.
It's a perfect combination and made the concrete5 design job so much easier and much much better professional site.
Review posted by alinford on at

Very Nice!

I purchased the Bootstrap Buttons add-on to work with the <a href="">Bootstrap Theme</a> I purchased last week. It worked as advertised with the Bootstrap Theme, but it also works nicely with any theme and C5 site I need to add buttons and links to.

Now, instead of creating graphics, and sprites with different states, I can create quick and easy Bootstrap buttons. This will also be great for client mockups. No sense creating custom graphics for a mockup, when I can just add Bootstrap buttons in a few clicks. It is exactly what I was looking for, and will be adding this to my toolkit for clients in the future.

2.0.4 - 1.1.2

Review posted by jump4u on at

Button the Boots

This is my third product from these guys and the combination of a product that works with support that knocks your boots off will make my fourth purchase from them an easy decision. What is stellar is their communication and willingness to go the extra step in support. They are also very aggressive in updating their product line.
Review posted by hhockx on at

Now even better!

Great to see that the option to costumize button colors right from the interface has materialized in version 2.0.4. It makes this add on even better. Appreciate it very much that feedback / suggestions are taken serious. - 1.1.2

Review posted by SteadyIT on at

Goodbye Graphic Design Program

I used to make make my buttons in a graphic design program. And then go to a website to create the code to use HTML map tags to define the click-able areas. Purchasing Bootstrap Buttons resulted in one of those aha moments, when I realized that all of that work was a thing of the past. No more design programs, or worrying about map tags. Just create your button and go.

When I first purchased this add-on it was great for making buttons. Now with the newer their is so many more options.

So in short this add-on is a great idea and a big time-saver. What makes it awesome though is solid support from a friendly team who are constantly improving their products. Well done!

2.1.1 - 1.1.2

Review posted by timmeh00 on at

Looks great!

This looks great, it would be awesome if it had Auto-nav functionality although you could always make it into a Stack. The support I've received is helpful, thanks Hostco.
Review posted by ideaday on at

Nifty buttons

I like these buttons, and have already purchased them for the second page - and - they really make for a good Web 2.0 experience, and are easy to use.

The icons which are shipped with the buttons are great for a first quick & dirty job.

As a small suggestion for the author, I'd suggest matching font color to the main color (i.e. white on dark backgrounds, black on light button backgrounds).
Review posted by HPYlaramie on at

Great add-on for CSS Buttons with Customization Options

We were not only thrilled to add some slick buttons to our site, but that we were also able to customize the colors to match our site's theme. One of the best Concrete5 add-ons money can buy. Thanks!
Review posted by chassa2556 on at

Great product and service

Excellent service and great support - I had a small issue and the guys sorted it out with a superb slick service and speed. - 1.1.2

Review posted by jpahonen on at

Very good functionality

It does what is says on the tin - no problems, no issues, and the user interface is really easy to pick up.
Review posted by banditetr on at

Awsome and clean

Clean, fast and the price is OK

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