Version History

-Fix for servers that have fopen disabled


-Fix for "Close the gallery when clicking on an empty slide area" not saving
-Fix for "Close the gallery by swiping up or down" not saving
-Fix for "Display image description" not saving
-Added option "always show controls" on popup
-Added grid system for thumbnails *
-Added retina display option for thumbnails *
-Added lazy load option for thumbnails *
-Added option "Enable CDN Manager" (images only)
-Changed carousel gallery to display specified width and height size instead of original image

* (Supports Default, Bootstrap Thumbnail, Bootstrap Circle, Masonary and Bootstrap Panel custom templates only)

-Fix for image description attribute on popout for all templates
-CSS tweaks
-Changed Masonary framework to add responsive thumbnail support

-Added new custom template Masonary
-Fix for custom templates that would display only image in popout
-Added 4 margin options
-Added generate mobile optimized images option with width and height settings
-Added download button with public/private option
-Adjustment to CDN Manager support

-Fix for JS conflict that was causing some custom templates to always start on the first image in the gallery no matter what image was clicked

-Updated to completely rewritten, much improved blueimp Gallery
-Removed download image setting
-Removed generate mobile optimized images setting
-Removed enable start slideshow button setting
-Removed enable toggle fullscreen button setting
-Removed enable download button setting
-Removed CDN settings
-Added ability to select video from file manager
-Added image and video carousel
-Added setting for streching images (carousel)
-Added setting to toggle the automatic slideshow interval on by pressing the Space key
-Added setting navigate the gallery by pressing left and right on the keyboard
-Added setting close the gallery on pressing the ESC key
-Added setting close the gallery when clicking on an empty slide area
-Added setting close the gallery by swiping up or down
-Added setting emulate touch events on mouse-pointer devices such as desktop browsers
-Added setting hide the page scrollbars
-Added setting stops any touches on the container from scrolling the page
-Added setting allow continuous navigation, moving from last to first and from first to last slide
-Added setting remove elements outside of the preload range from the DOM
-Added setting start with the automatic slideshow
-Added setting delay in milliseconds between slides for the automatic slideshow(default:5000)
-Added setting the starting index as integer(default:0)
-Added setting the number of elements to load around the current index(default:2)
-Added setting the transition speed between slide changes in milliseconds(default:400)
-Added setting the transition speed for automatic slide changes, set to an integer greater 0 to override the default transition speed
-Added setting display image title
-Added setting display image description
-Added setting display preview and next buttons
-Added setting display close button
-Added setting display play and pause buttons
-Added setting display slider indicator

ESC key fix for second full screen view

Updated bootstrap framework version
Support for concrete5 v5.6.1
Added 6 new custom templates (box, boxrain, grayscale, hovereffect, popout, slicedown)

Modal Fix

Update to bootstrap framework 2.1.1
css fixes
support for concrete5 v5.6.x

js and css link fixes for external custom templates

Grouped options into separate tabs
Added 2 additional custom templates
Added ability to generate mobile optimized images
Added ability to hide/show download button on slideshow
Changed active state color on toggle fullscreen button to be more noticeable
CSS adjustments for mobile slideshow
Added js to arrage thumbnail layout
Removed thumbnail checking
Fix for sort order
Fix for keep aspect ratio

V1.0 - Initial Release