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Review posted by banditetr on at

almost perfect

Great Job
Review posted by designsforchange on at

Simple and Lots of options

I love this image gallery! I've used it on 2 sites now and am about to put it on a third. I know I will use it for many more after that! It's great that there are lots of layout options and styles. Thanks for the great addon!


Review posted by gameday on at

Amazing Add-on, Amazing Support.

These developers rock. They're way ahead of others here on the marketplace, in terms of the responsive approach. I had a small issue and they got it straightened out for me immediately.

The add-on itself is AWESOME. I've used it on two different websites now, each were simple to configure. I've even re-skinned the UXI with CSS on one and it looks awesome. Perfect for photography websites! - 1.0

Review posted by tomoac on at

Satisfied with everything

I am satisfied with everything.
Review posted by potys on at

very good gallery

really good gallery with satisfied options. great value for money

2.2.2 - 1.0

Review posted by tcoppedge on at

Great Photo Gallery Add-in!

I have tried a couple of the photo gallery plug-ins and love this one the best. It gives great customization such as allowing you to click on an image and seeing it larger, sizing, and adding template looks to the photos.
Review posted by EIanetti on at

Great Responsive Gallery & Wonderful Support 5 Stars

I bought this add-on a few days ago and installed on an existing site. I then uninstalled an older add-on and the site crashed. I contacted the developer and he responded immediately. He helped me resolve the problem even though it was not clear that the installation of this new add-on really caused the problem. The gallery itself, works great and is extremely easy to use. Highly recommended.

2.2.3 - 1.0

Review posted by btugwell on at

Great Add-On, Flat Out Brilliant Support.

I've used this gallery on a couple of sites now happily. It does as advertised and does it well. I didn't decide to write a review until I had an issue with it, which was the theme btw, not the add-on. Probably the fastest fix in my history with the marketplace. From submission to fix? Maybe ten minutes in my case - which I can't imagine anyone will beat. - 1.0

Review posted by vluo on at

Simple to use for an advanced plugin

Great value for my money. My clients find it easy to use and I have experienced no errors during installation. Its a good plugin
Review posted by SheldonB on at

Very simple for complex features

I have used this addon on several sites for about a year. It is simple enough for my non-techy client to use. The upgrades just make it better and better

I always seem to be the person that runs into bumps down the road and it is almost always my fault but Hostco was very quick to double check to make sure it wasn't on there end.

very pleased with this addon even more pleased with their support - 1.0

Review posted by FluxxMarketing on at

Incredibly versatile add-on

I've used this image gallery several times in several different ways. It's simple to use but also offers very sophisticated controls, allowing you to build nearly whatever you want. In my opinion, it is the best image gallery add-on available, and the support is excellent if you do have questions.
Review posted by vsop on at

Without doubt the best Gallery

This is by far the best Image Gallery for Concrete5 platform. Allso when installed and configured, I noticed a few missing features, HostCo were extremely quick in response and added this feature. It can show full screen images no matter wich screen you use and has alot of options to define how images should be presented.

Only Things I would like to see implemented would be a js to make copy of images more difficult and allso a watermark feature. If a paypal feature could be implemented aswell, that would be a killer, sort of a mini purchase feature. Thanks HostCo - Jonah for great support and great software.
Review posted by PatrickCassidy on at

Best Responsive Gallery Block for Concrete5

Used in many times, and will continue to use it for every project in the future...

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