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Review posted by 3hawk on at

Used on every site

I agree this is top of the line - simple, effective, easy to style. An ideal add-on, and free is just the cherry on top.
Review posted by drbiskit on at

Great add-on

I use this in nearly every project... It's brilliantly simple, and does just what you need a breadcrumb to do. Good work.
Review posted by grosik on at

Better than build-in auto-nav template

Yes, for sure its better:) Easy in styling, must-have plugin for every website.
Review posted by Steevb on at

Super Addon

One of my favourites and used on nearly every site I build.
Review posted by bojanm on at

One of the best add-on

Definitely it is one of the best add-on.
Simple, user friendly and very useful.

Before 2.0

Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

Wonderfully easy and fast to get breadcrumbs on your site

All you have to do is add it to the page :)
Review posted by madelyn on at

Great addon!!

This addon is much useful for me and my users.

Un complemento muy útil para mi y mis usuarios, pues les permite saber exactamente donde están y la oportunidad de volver.
Review posted by wagdi on at

Find your way home..

Fantastic, A useful tool for making sure your users don't get lost. Thanks
Review posted by SpatialAnomaly on at

Does exactly what it says it does...

Can't argue with that. Not much else to say really. Any custom styles you want to do with it is easily done with the view.php.

Just a heads up...
There is some funkyness if you use this in combination with ScottC's blog add-on with Taxonomy enabled. Basically his blog add on creates children pages that reflect dates for taxonomy so your breadcrumb looks something like:

name>blog>11>3>4>Article Name

I didn't need to use Taxonomy so once disabled it didn't matter but keep it in mind if you're going in that direction.
Review posted by n5zap on at

I love it!

Thanks for an easy and truly simple-to-use block. Your block should be part of the official Concrete5 installation. I am trying to get a few C5 sites off the ground, and I am more a programmer than I am a designer. Tools like this allow me to get needed functionality (breadcrumbs) up and running without needing to reverse-engineer templates or CSS. Thanks for making such a timesaver available for free!
Review posted by tallacman on at

Simple and Functional

Easily edit the view file to add additional classes for css styling. Smart Web Projects also builds some great free blocks you can download from their site that aren't on concrete5. They're also great for custom coded solutions.
Review posted by smartwebprojects on at

I think it is cool

Why don't anybody rate it?

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