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Review posted by Nirgali on at

Very nice wrapper addon

Lovely addon. It is nice to have the ability to modify the colors and other settings. I recommend updating this to include the next version of the jquery twitter search script. It fixes a very annoying bug that breaks the individual tweet links. It is version 1.04 at the time of this review. Advanced users may wish to update the script in the addon's js directory. Get it here:
Review posted by dmorrison on at

Great software... thanks for sharing!

Absolutely love it! Just having an issue pulling in twitter feeds from multiple accounts. @username1 @username2 doesn't seem to be working. ===UPDATE===
Using correct Twitter Syntax I was able to pull in feeds from multiple sources. For example: from:MPMcQ21 OR usedcarweek OR from:dominiondealer
Review posted by dotcomdude on at


I wanted a simple way to add a Twitter feed into my site pages. 60 seconds later - I did it with this Addon. Then I noticed the width was slightly out. Another 10 seconds to adjust the width of the control using the simple Height and Width fields.
Review posted by Lucazon on at


Great add-on. Simple but nice styling possibilities. Thanks.

Review posted by wagdi on at


Fantastic. Works as expected. Easy to use. Great job!

Thanks for another great FREE add-on!
Response by clevyr on at
Happy you liked it! Show us where you are using it if you can.

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