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Clov Project Management

This package is now an open-source project on Github: https://github.com/tooqinc/clov

There are currently some issues with the latest PHP version, but you're welcome to download this package for free on Guthub and fix it. The current download here is not likely to work without some errors.

Clov offers a simple to use project management solution for service based businesses that have multiple projects or clients to manage. Clov allows you to manage as many projects as you like, making tracking expenses, budgets, and invoicing a breeze. Project managers can assign tasks to a built in employee task list where employees can manage their workload. Employees can track and submit their time for approval across projects, helping you deliver on budget and on time.

Included with Clov are the following features:

  • Tight integration with Concrete5 - Permissions, users, UI all use Concrete5's infrastructure. 
  • Add, edit, manage, and archive multiple projects.
  • Task lists for each employee, employees can add and manage their own tasks, product managers can assign to employees.
  • Configurable budget categories (upon install)
  • Create and track project budgets
  • Add, edit, submit, and approve expenses to projects
  • Track invoices against project budgets and see where you are at all times
  • Have employees track time against projects and submit for approval.
  • Ready to use right from installation or use as a springboard to kickstart your custom development

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