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Installation Woes

I can't enter edit mode when using my custom theme on the Contest page type. I can if I use a default C5 theme. This makes me think I have an issue with my view.php on my custom theme...? I wanted to create a custom page type for "Contest". So I di…

Change theme of contest

What would be the easiest way to change the contest to use my custom theme? I don't want the contest add on to use the default layout.

Using as "like" button with statistics.

I'm trying to set up a site with a list of shops where users can click like or don't like on the shop page. In the search results, I would like to see the percentage of users that liked the shop. Is this add-on able to do this or is there another?

Issues from review

Hi, I am wondering if any of the issues that were mentioned in Kevinbarton's review of this product have been addressed? Specifically: 1. The ability to make the same image not show up multiple times -- i.e. once the viewer voted on it, that's it…

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