Version History

2.2.3  Replaced deprecated split function with explode.
       Fix import of tiers when specified as "500+"

2.2.2   Allow 1=+ in the pricing tiers.
          If an attribute is an object, output the class name
          to supress PHP warnings

2.2.1  Misplaced comma at the end of product tiers.
         Needed extra commas to pad out product tiers
         where less than 10 exist.

2.2    Support for product sets

2.1.2  Added RequiresTax

2.1.1  Suppress PHP warnings if no attributes are defined

2.1    Support for product attributes

2.0.2  Set the dashboard icon

2.0.1  Updated database backup link for 5.6

2.0     Reworked to fully support 5.6 dashboard theme.
          Minimum supported C5 version now 5.6

1.1.2  Don't overwrite the allow negative stock value

1.1.1  Support for weight and weight units (g, kg, lb, oz). If using the job to
         auto update, make sure to include weight and units in the file

1.1     Added dashboard job allowing automated updates from
          files/incoming/stock.csv. All fields found in the file
          are processed.

1.0.7   Minor cosmetic changes to work better with Concrete 5.5/eCommerce

1.0.6   Pricing tiers now use a comma not a hyphen, since excel seems
          to sometimes assume that these are dates

1.0.5   Reversed order of ID and Name columns, to stop Excel compaining
          about "SYLK" file format invalid.

1.0.4   use "eCommerce" as description

1.0.3   Fixed broken HTML causing file dialog to open in WebKit browsers

1.0.2   Removed job in favour of single page "jero-stock".

1.0.1   Job name now matches class name
          Fixed missing t() usages.
          Removed Cache:flush() from controller
          Use $this->url for job link

1.0.0   First release.