Click the download button to generate a comma separated values (CSV) file.

Use the Upload form to upload the file after you have edited it using your favourite spreadsheet software. Columns in the file may be in any order, but must as a minimum contain the "ID" column and one other data column. The "Name" column is not updated and is included for convenience only. You may have other columns in your CSV file, they are silently ignored. ID is a value that cannot be changed.

When using tiered prices, tier ranges are input in the format 1,10 and must be accompanied by a correspnding price column, e.g. Tier1 and Price1. Up to ten tiers are available. If you require more than ten tiers, beware that your data will be lost beyond the 10th tier.

When working with product attribtues, the field names are identified with the word "Attribute", and underscore, and then the attribute hanlde. For example:


The Upload form allows you to decide which fields you wish to update. You must choose at least one field. You must ensure that if you choose a field to update, that the corresponding field exists in your CSV file.

The product data is validated, and any errors are reported if found. No updates are done if there are any errors. By contrast, some validation of the data entered into attributes is done, however errors are not identified and  invalid data is simply ignored.

Product sets are handled in a similar manner to attributes, with the set names being prefixed by the word Set_. Values must be Y or N, 1 or 0, or left blank which is treated as no change, even when that set name is selected for

The Status,Tiered and Login fields must contain either a 1 (enable) or 0 (disable). Any other value will cause an error to be generated.

 All attribute types are supported, but must contain the expected data. For example number and rating attributes must contain digits or me blank. File attributes must contain the file ID or be blank. Select/checkbox attribtues must contain one of the predefined values associated with the attribute, i.e. new values cannot be added. Multiple values must be separated with a pipe | symbol. Datetime attribtues must contain a valid date in mysql format i.e. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. The time portion is optional.

When using the dashboard job to upload data, the file must be located in files/incomming/stock.csv. All fields present in the file will be updated, so you may wish to remove all but the ID column and the fields you actually wish to update, e.g. quantity. The file is not removed after it has been processed.

As with all mass update programs, the possibility of disaster is every present, and therefore a judicious backup is advised.

Note: Version 2 or later of core commerce is required.