Download core commerce stock data into a CSV file, either from the dashboard or by means of a Concrete5 single page URL.

Upload the same data back into core commerce, altering stock values, prices and several other fields:

  • Quantity
  • Status
  • Price
  • Special price
  • Use tiered pricing
  • Login to purchase
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Weight
  • Weight units
  • Tiered prices
  • Product attributes
  • Product sets

CSV file does not have to contain every field exported, just the ones that need updating. If you're using a file that has all the fields in, you can choose which fields to update. Those not selected are ignored even when present in the file. Fields may be in any order that is convenient, and other fields may also be present but will be ignored. This can be useful if update information is coming from another database etc.

Additionally, the CSV file may be downloaded automatically from a single page URL, allowing current stock levels to be managed by external systems.

A dashboard job is added which allows automatic updates to be performed. The file must be placed in files/incoming/stock.csv. Note that when running as a job ALL fields are updated and thus should be present in the file

Note: Version 2 or later of core commerce is required.