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Before 2.1.1

Review posted by jamesleech on at

Very easy to use - my clients are very happy with it!

This will be part of any new ecommerce depolyment that I do. I think this really simplifies inventory management for my clients. It allows them to easily get an overview of all of their items and update them quickly and simply.

Good work on developing this add-on - it should be part of the system core!
Response by jero on at
Glad you're finding it useful. :)

2.1.1 - 1.0.7

Review posted by thehawkeye on at

Time saver!

Needed to update taxable status on nearly 150 products. Option wasn't available, but within 24 hours, and update was available with that feature. Totally saved me a lot of time.

Also, being able to have a backup of the product data is nice. I might be a time saver when we turn the site over to the client...

2.2.1 - 1.0.7

Review posted by CaptainPanda on at

Does not work as advertised.

Revised Review: This did not do what I thought it did, but for *stock levels only* it does do what it says. The original description - to me, was misleading, but concrete support has handled the issue.
Response by jero on at
You're right. It does not update orders. It was never designed to. I never claimed that it did. Perhaps if you had read the marketplace page a little more thoroughly, or even asked a pre-sales question you'd have realised that and wouldn't have wasted your time and mine. Then again, it would appear that there's a market for an order updater, so I might just go and write one. Thanks for the inspiration.

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