Mass update no longer works

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I'm helping one of the Japanese users who purchased your add-on.
I'm helping to translate the problem.

He had an select attribute with multiple choices allowed.
When he used to export the product data... it used to export as

Brass|Guitar - Distorted|Saxophone|Synthesizer

However, recently, the same item now exported as

Object: SelectAttributeTypeOptionList

It doesn't export the select option contents anymore.

It may be something to do where

case "select":
// unmap | to newline for multiple select values
$av = explode("|", $fields[$k]);
if (count($av) == 1)
$av = $av[0];

Do you know what happened?


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nikkor replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having the same issue, did you ever get a response?
jero replied on at Permalink Reply
I must have missed this one when it was originally reported.

From memory there was problems with some custom attributes which of course I have no way of knowing how to get the information out, so for those attribute types that weren't simple strings, and which you can't really update, it outputs the object class instead of throwing an exception.

I'm on vacation right now, so the fix will need to wait, but I'll take another look when I'm back home.

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