SYLK file defined by "ID", etc.

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This is what we've been waiting for, but we're slightly disappointed in this first release.

If the first two characters of a file are ID, Excel thinks it is a SYLK file and gives several messages when trying to open it. Can you change to "id" or something else so it will open as a CSV file.

Also, tiers get interpreted as dates, for example "4-10" becomes 10 Apr 2011. I think you will need to change this to "4 to 10" or something.

Finally, export/update of all fields would be nice, in particular: Physical Good, Charge Sales tax, Requires shipping, Product ID, Product type, Sets. Not sure why the fields you offer are so limited.

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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
I have uploaded a new release which transposes the ID and Name column, which I believe will resolve the SYLK format issue.

With regard to the pricing tiers, I'll need to do some further investigation on the best way of making Excel understand that it's a string it's being asked to process.

The original purpose of the addon was to manage prices and stock levels. Because the addon does not insert records, changing fields such as Physical Good, Charge Sales tax, Requires shipping etc. weren't expected to be the sort of thing that would happen on a frequent basis. In most cases those fields were set once when the product was added.

Product ID is the internal database ID of the product, and is used in other tables. Changing it serves no purpose at all and would make the addon much more complicated, since it would have to change every table in the database that has a product ID in it somewhere.
jero replied on at Permalink Reply
I have now uploaded a new release (1.0.6) that uses a comma separator instead of the hyphen, e.g. 1,10 etc.
waterfeller replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for quick response on the SYLK and Tier issues.

I can understand that updating all fields would require more difficult database processing. However, it would be handy to have the other attributes in the csv file just for managing the list of products, and for making the product list more easily visible. It is a real pain to have to use the (weak) Product Search page to inspect products one at a time.

Also, I was referring to the attribute named Product ID (ak_product_id), not the internal database ID (productID)

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