How to assign add on

I stupidly bought dealer locator as an add on and forgot to set up the hosting first. Once the hosting becomes available how to I assign the add on to this account?

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
That shouldn't matter. Once you get your concrete5 site installed
where you want it, just follow these setup instructions for getting
add-ons on your site:
best wishes

Franz Maruna
simonknibbs replied on at Permalink Reply

Managed to add dealer locator manually, but still concerned why I cant access the marketplace, when I have another site using C5 using it fine! Although this site is with the same hosting company it on a different server.

This is what they have sent me.

The IP addressed which is used is the web server IP address and that is:

Please note, when you contact them then also ask if the script attempts a loopback connection over HTTP, (connection to self), as this will fail because we do not allow loopback connections to be made on our servers.

Does this make any sense for you.


MattWaters replied on at Permalink Reply
We've been sorting this out over email, but if anyone stumbles upon this thread in the future, our curl requests don't loop back in the way Simon's host described. We'll check that IP to make sure it's not on our provider's blacklist and let you know what we find.