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Review posted by jbsmith969 on at

Great Add-On, but needs more functionality

For the money, I feel like this add-on needs some more functionality. I know you're using an existing API from Google and there's much more you can do with that API than you offer... mainly getting directions ( ). You don't think people would want to get directions after going to this map? That would be much better than just popping up the address you already clicked on over the marker. Also having the ability to add checkboxes for options that the dealers have instead of a pull down menu would be much more functional ( ). I would also think you guys would make this mobile responsive. Sorry for the mediocre rating, but I seriously feel like this one needs a lot more work if you're going to charge $255 for it. I mean, it is cool and I'm glad you made it, but considering this was developed by Concrete and you're also using an API from Google that was a big part of developing this, I honestly expect more out of it. I'm using it, but I'm probably going to have to add more functionality to it if the client does not accept it in its current state.
Response by MattWaters on at
Hi jbsmith969,

Thanks for the feedback-- we appreciate your suggestions. We made the Dealer Locator add-on to provide some basic functionality that we thought would be useful to most customers who want an out-of-the-box solution.

While there's a lot more you can do with Google Maps, we certainly didn't try to implement all of the API's features (and I'm willing to bet there are quite a number of new things Google has added since the Dealer Locator launched).

A responsive template and some thoughtful integration of other features would be great to have and we'd love to get them added in next time our development schedule is free enough to allow it.

As always, you're welcome to fork our add-on and extends its capabilities to meet the needs of your client.
Review posted by jonghdesign on at

Easy to work with

Nice add-on which can be easily themed because of the clean and clear code. I have one question/ suggestion however. Is it possible to add a thumbnail attribute to a dealer location? It is not possible to add an own made custom attribute to the add-on.
Review posted by Abs0lute on at

Blows me away. . .

Within 5 minutes of purchasing this add-on, I was turning cartwheels! It has saved me untold development hours, and does a better job than I believe I could have.
It is simply awesome. While I bought it for one use, after testing I realized there's many, many uses for it.
My only problem with it: the name.
Not sure if "Deal Locator" does it justice. I feel it kinda pigeonholes it to a certain sector. I actually saw it when I was looking for what I needed, but the word "Deal" and the price prevented me from discovering it was what I needed. Now that I know, the price is nothing for what you get—or what you would pay a developer to create this for you. So maybe consider a name change, such as "Location Service" or something that doesn't pigeonhole it "Deals".
Love life now!
Review posted by citytech2 on at


Awesome add-on
Review posted by BertOlton on at


Very well done add on. Immediately usable even for a novice.
Review posted by helllooodpr88 on at

Very Useful

Since the release of our new site for skyspan structures with the dealer locator our sales has picked up from developing 4 substantial leads a week to developing 4 substantial leads a day. There are many factors that contribute to that, but one thing we hear back from our customers is that they like how easy it was for them to find a dealer close to them.
Review posted by PIZZAPLUS on at

It gets the job done.

This is a great add-on.

I would give it 5 stars if it only had gave a "Get Directions" link.

concrete5's support should get 5 stars. They are extremely helpful.
Review posted by frz on at

works great

i like.

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