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Review posted by Solanum on at

Best Gallery!

A free responsive gallery that automaticlly crops the thumbnails! I will nerver use another one ever again :-D
Review posted by Yola on at

Best I've found

I've tried several galleries and this one is the best I found. Easy to use and has all I need: cropped thumbnails, titles and captions, sorting by drag&drop (a necessity as there is no other easy way to sort files in C5). I even managed to change the overlay colour using the approach mentioned in the first post in this thread

Very happy with this!
Review posted by arlenesey on at

Great Block

This a great, stable block, suitable for smallish galleries. it is easy to customize or override. As the titles and descriptions are added directly within the block interface, it is easy for clients who don't want to get involved too deeply with the file manager. Keep this in mind, though, when in development. If the block has to be redone, the titles and descriptions will also have to be redone. Best practice - get your gallery set up and ok'd - the add titles/descriptions.

Jordan responds quickly and competently to questions.
Review posted by steventhoffman on at

Look no further!

I've tried many, and this is the only gallery you're going to need. Easily add titles and captions, sort, manage, etc. Easy to manipulate styles via CSS.

I did contact Jordan pre-purchase with a compatibly concern when using themes that have their own jQuery (such as Slate), and I receive a fast response, on a Sunday night no less! Worked flawlessly with Slate w/o any workarounds. Thanks for creating such a solid useable add-on.
Review posted by trompeten on at


Hi (Update)

Sorry i confused the free version with Simple Image Gallery, that was why my first review was so hard.

feel free to change your reply.
Response by jordanlev on at
I'm sorry you were disappointed with the addon. Since you are not totally happy with the addon, I would be happy to refund your money.

But I am not sure why you thought all of those extra features you imagined would be included, since the description does not say that they are. The features of the addon are clearly explained in the marketplace description. Also, the demo site and screenshots show exactly what the addon does as well, and again none of the things you are imagining are indicated there either.

In the future you should ask the addon authors about features you are imagining before spending your money so that you won't be disappointed.
Review posted by DianaAyub on at

Great image gallery

Exactly what I needed, with captions and all ! Thankyou :)
This gallery add-on is so easy to use and looks great !!
Review posted by weiala on at

Deluxe Image Gallery

Simple and easy for newbie developers and for clients! Thanks for the work!
Review posted by Cliffeco on at

So easy for a code newbie!

What a great add-on! I found it very helpful reading the reviews too and so bought the deluxe version straight away. I'm a designer not a coder, yet in half a day I was able to create the page (I love C5!) and build the ideal image gallery with captions for my site just how I want it to look. I've been a Mac user since 1995 and have to say that everything connected with C5 including this add-on is just so intuitive, just like Macs!
Review posted by sutterbay on at

Great Add-On

It's just what I needed and easy to adjust. It's clean and fits in well with the theme I'm using.
Review posted by WebcentricLtd on at

Exactly what I was looking for - works very well

This works really nicely and is straightforward to use.
I trained one of my clients how to use it on my first use and they got it first time.

Allows you to quickly add image sets onto a page, add captions and descriptions very quickly.

You can also use multiple galleries on a page and it still seems to work properly.

A+, will use this again when the need arises.
Review posted by chrison999 on at

Great Add-on... BRAVO!

I upgraded from Sortable Fancy Box Gallery because I wanted the ability to include captions with my pictures as well as titles. Deluxe Image Gallery does this beautifully! The ability to drag-and-drop sort photos is a welcome bonus. And, based on my experience wit Sortable FB Gallery, I'm sure the support will be just as excellent should I ever need it.

Thanks for a *very* useful add-on! Worth every penny!
Review posted by nritchie on at

Best way to view thumbnail images!

This is a great way to view thumbnail images!! I love the cropping feature of the thumbnails and the ability to specify the maximum height or width of the enlarged image. The enlarged image will always fit on the browser screen regardless of the monitor size (up to the specified maximum dimensions). It works elegantly for image sets with both landscape and portrait images and mixed sizes.

Great support! I emailed the author and asked if it was possible to recognize manual line breaks within the image caption field. He promptly updated the add-on in the marketplace to include this ability.

You can display the image title and caption under the fancybox with separate formats by making slight modifications to the view.php and view.css files.

Also I noticed in internet explorer there was an obnoxious tooltip when hovering over the fancybox image that displayed the image caption with some html markup. I eliminated this by changing one line of code in the jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js file. Replace the line
alt: e.title
alt: ""

Since all my image captions were multi-line and the fancybox title display was the 'inside' setting, the caption would be displayed off-screen on smaller monitors when the fancybox auto-scaled and centered itself. I added one line of code to the jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js file to assume a typical caption height. In the X function after the variables are set add the line:
a[1] = (a[1] -60);
where 60 is the assumed caption height.
Response by jordanlev on at
Thanks, glad you like the addon. FYI, in the most-recent update (version 1.6) I have removed the tooltip when hovering over the thumbnails.
Review posted by adajad on at

Simply fantastic

I was looking for a gallery add-on that would suit me and my demands, and after several tests and some digging I settled for this one. It was probably my best decision this month!

It's smooth, simple to administrate and customizable with excellent support from the developer. I can highly recommend this add-on to all of you searching for a competent image gallery!
Review posted by abovecreative on at

Simply Brilliant

I have used a fair few galleries on a number of different CMS systems and this one is by far the easiest to use. Brilliant for clients as they don't need much guidance. Simply upload pics, add to a set and they appear.
Review posted by braincramp on at

Best gallery available for C5

I have been using the fancybox gallery and recently upgraded to the deluxe version. Very customizeable and being able to modify the titles in the block itself is a huge time saver. Extremely well done. Easiest $25 I have spent for a website.
Review posted by BobbieNurture on at

Not working in IE9

Not pleased with this product at all.
Response by jordanlev on at
I'm sorry you're not pleased with this at all. I am very open to feedback and willing to help you solve any problems you may run across, and if that still doesn't meet your needs I'm happy to fully refund your money.

If you could provide a little more detail about what the specific problem you're having is I'd be happy to take a look and try to fix it. IE9 is still in beta so I haven't tested my addons with it yet, but any specifics you can provide will be very helpful in making it work properly.


Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Great tool for photographers

My main concern is always how to present a portfolio in a way that visitors can easily choose what they want to see and that it also looks attractive. Secondly it is also important that such a gallery is stylish itself and easy to implement.

So ease of use and stylish are the main factors.

Fancy Box de Luxe is for me the best solution so far and I can advice to anyone that needs a good presentation of artwork.

An extra remark I want to make is that I ran in to a small error with the use, because of a jqeury script in the theme I used. After posting the problem in the Q&A section of the add-on, Jordan responded swiftly and gave me the solution in no-time. So thanks Jordan for the great tool and help!
Review posted by 12345j on at

Great Upgrade

Ive used the sortable fanvybox gallery in the past and it works great, but this adds a lot of great features to an already great addon. my only complaint would be that you can't choose individual images, only a fileset. Thanks for the donation!
Review posted by sbfowler on at

Awesome Image Gallery

A excellent upgrade to the Sortable Fancybox Gallery add-on. Makes a clean and professional looking gallery. Also, makes editing multiple images much easier and quicker. Customer support is first-rate!

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