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trying to add an extra field/ text area to the Discussion GuestBook

I think this is above my pay grade, but my client loves the functionality of the Discussion Forum here - it's pretty awesome. I 'm using the Discussion Guestbook on certain pages as a way for multiple people to comment/ add info about a certain topic. …

Getting a mail after new posts

Hi all, I have just bought the forum and I like it :-) I wonder how it`s possible to get a mail if a new discussion or a response in a discussion is written? Thank you very much, Kai

Fixed - Discussions with Multiple Domains

Hi All, I'm trying to get Discussions working with the Multiple Domains addon. Has anyone used it with this addon before? Unfortunately, I can't get the code to start discussion, reply to posts and to monitor the discussions working and would appreciat…

Monitor All Discussion for Registered Users by Default

Hi, Is it possible to turn user monitoring on for all users by default? I.e. when I create a new registered user they would receive email monitoring updates to all discussions on the site? Thanks, Mike

Discussion package issue

Issue 1: In forum page we have added the "discussion category block" to show all the category , last post against each category, topics , Messages.. the number of topics and messages does not match the reality...please see attached category_block.png .…

Package problem with category

when a category design(page type) is discussion post then this category does not show into frontend , if visit this category from admin panel its looks fine and shows all posts under this category.... when a category design(page type) is discussionp th…

Package problem with category

I have site where discussion package is installed....but whenever we create a new category that does not show in frontend next, when we click into category that does not show all discussions I can,t understand what happens plz help me out from he…


Hi, If a person is not logged in and clicks 'start discussion' he is sent to the default C5 login page. How can I change this to a page in my site? Thanks

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