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Hi, If a person is not logged in and clicks 'start discussion' he is sent to the default C5 login page. How can I change this to a page in my site? Thanks

Changing username display to custom user attributes first name

Discussion posts show the poster's username, I am looking to change this to custom user attribute first name and last name. Adjusting the following code does not change this from username: [code] [/code] to [code] [/code] in packages\…

How to change the size of the "Add Discussion" overlay

I am trying to make the overlay for the add discussion overlay taller. When you select the option to start a discussion from the topics page the overlay is too short to show the post button. I've had people not figuring out they need to scroll down. I …

Turn off profiles

Can you turn off the links that go to the user's profile page?

Not being emailed despite monitoring discussion category

We have an 'announcements' category in our discussion forums. I've clicked 'monitor' on that page, and see a DiscussionTrack has been added to the database with the correct cID of the category page. However, I'm not notified of new DISCUSSIONS in the cate…

How to change 'to' for new post?

Hi, When a post is made (anonymous or logged in) the mail is sent to the postee and to a certain email address with the note '... has posted to a discussion you're monitoring' which comes from the discussion/mail/discussion_track.php file. But how i…

Cleaner topic list - can older posts disapear?

Hello, Is it possible to set (or modify) forum this way, that every topic would be represented by only one (newest) post on the topic list (forum main page), so not all posts would be shown on main page all the time? It's important when I have few , bu…

Moving subpages in Discussion Forum

Hi! One of my users posted a response ('Reflections') in the wrong category of my discussion forum, so I moved it to the correct category in the sitemap and this seemed to work (it changed the path) and relocated the page under the correct category in …


Hi Guys Is the forum block responsive in any way? What sort of work may be needed to make it fully responsive? Cheers Alex
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