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Ascending / Descending

Great little block, but I'd like to be able to choose the sort order for the listings - at the moment files listed by filename where the name starts with the date of the file (2013_03_17 etc) have the newest files at the end of the list.

Last file of the top 'n' always displays zero downloads

Hi, I successfully installed the add-on and everything works smoothly apart from the fact that the last item shown in the block is always displaying zero downloads as count. For example: if I configure the block to show the top 4 most downloaded file I…

File thumbnails

Hi, Is there a simple way to display the thumbnail for different file types automatically? Cheers

Can I add permissions and only list files available to the user?

This looks like a promising add-on for my purposes. Is there a way to add permissions to individual files or file sets and then only show files to the user that they are eligible to view? I realize that I can probably set permissions on the page tha…

List by title as opposed to filename

Hi, Is there any chance that the downloads could be listed by Title, not filename? I'm looking into this now, but would be great to be able display the title rather than the file name (to remove underscores etc). Thanks

How to set the download amount of the files

Heya, I want to transfer my old download "statistics" to the new site with the download list block, therefore I want to set the download amount of the single files. Which could be the best way to do this? As I looked through the database I found out th…

Files not being found

Hi guys, installed Download Lists and set it all up - no problems there at all - however, when I click on a filename from the list, the file is not found. If I go to File Manager and find the URL for that file - its there, Ok your code is using the var…

Link Names Rather Than File Names

Hi There, is there any way that we can customise the link name so rather than listing the file name it can be a specific bit of text that is hyperlinked. We want to use this block for a software app download but there are different packages for differe…

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