adding 1 item actually adds quantity of 2?

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I have an issue that when adding a single item you end up with 2 in the cart?
This happens with or with out the quantity option in use?

Why would this be happening - fresh install of concrete5 brand new site

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ecomatt replied on at Permalink Reply
i have noticed that when emptying the cart you need to press yes twice before the popup box goes away.

is this a bug with the plugin?
ecomatt replied on at Permalink Reply
ecomatt replied on at Permalink Reply
also noticed now that if you add an express cart summery block to the same page as the sale items it doubles the quantity in the cart so now adding one item gives you 4 in the cart? what is going on here?
ecomatt replied on at Permalink Reply
iv noticed its related to my theme and i think something todo with my menu system so I'm going to try sort this out but still don't know exactly what is causing the conflict?
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply

By the way, you cannot use both add-ons in the same page; Summary and the Cart. Also you may want to try use default theme and see if the problem occurs if not then most like it's your theme that is causing the problem.


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