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Hi there,
Is there any way to have the shopping cart count down the numbers of products left available after one is sold?

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your message.
On the "documentation" page in the marketplace listing you'll find that it mentions there's no inventory management support. But it does allow you to limit the number of a particular item can be purchased.


Hope this helps.

mamabear replied on at Permalink Reply
Formal Refund Request: Please grant me a refund for the license assigned to this support request.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I answered your ticket several months ago and the addon performs exactly as described. I don't see any grounds for a refund.

mamabear replied on at Permalink Reply
I've been out of the country from aug through oct and dealing with some health issues.. it's a new site so I work on it when I can. I believe that i saw another post that seemed to imply that you might be able to work with customers about it...that's what i was hoping for, like paying for some code help or something....but perhaps I misread. the part that discloses this issue is only found buried in the documentation page not up front on the purchase page where it really should be. it does take time for some people to get used to figuring out new add-ons, especially forms and commerce. I really cant imagine how a site owner could manage selling without a count down option to stop purchases of a product from continuing once it reaches the lowest set option. It creates a lot of work hoping that I can catch the very second my product gets sold so I can take that one product offline so I don't get purchases that are no longer available. I sell one of a kind (like most artists) so this add-on sadly will not work for me in this condition. I hope you will reconsider...I even bought the front end manager.... so this is pretty disappointing.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm sorry to hear that.
The marketplace page is pretty descriptive and I put together several tutorial videos which explains in depth how the addon works. It's clearly described as a lightweight (basic) solution. Once you take inventory management into it, the complexity balloons exponentially (tracking order status, cancelation, returns, quantity variations, etc). I've designed the addon to be as flexible as possible for a range of different situations, but primarily a simple plug-and-play solution for basic online shops. But naturally it can't be everything to everyone.

mammabear replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks. I did not expect inventory management.... just a count down... I use the add-on "form with paypal" on a different site- it simply allows a "number available" to be set, and once a purchase is made it deducts one (or however many were ordered). and once the last is sold, it simply gives a message "sorry, sold out". there is no inventory management in that add-on. so I hope that something like that could be possible for this add-on in the future. very hard and expensive lesson on my part. I feel that you should mention this up front on the market place page right away so it's clear what It does not do. all the best...

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