Version History

1.4.7 - Fixed an issue caused by core_commerce API change regarding the coupon delivery.
1.4.6 - Fixed a core_commerce issue with unloaded model classes on the checkout action.
1.4.5 - Set the order attribute discount_gift_card_adjustment to be unsearchable during installation. Fixed bug related to the "add set" functionality.
1.4.4 - Fixed a bug when navigating with the arrow dropdown under "Edit Set" => "Set".
1.4.3 - Fixed gift cards purchasing when multiple gift cards were in the cart
1.4.2 - Fixed an error message when creating new gift card set and a visual bug when no coupons are created
1.4.1 - Fixed a bug in allowing single coupon to be used multiple times
1.4.0 - Initial release for 5.6.
1.3.5 - Fixed new gift cards automatic delivery when stock was empty, added possibility to configure automatic delivery expiration
1.3.4 - Fixed coupon listing bug when multilingual wasn't installed and also the single coupon actions for Firefox
1.3.3 - Fixed a small bug in gift cards listing because of the currency options in new eCommerce.
1.3.2 - Improved the stock handling of products when they are linked to gift card sets.
1.3.1 - Fixed a bug in ordering the gift cards straight from the store. Also, when products were linked into set, there was a 5.5 related bug in adding new gift cards into the set.
1.3 - Updated UI for 5.5, fixed re-installation issues, fixed 5.5 specific issues, split the coupon creation to its own view from the "manage coupons" view. Added possibility to remove also activated coupons when removing the set.
1.2 - Added possibility to add set-specific payment applying settings. Added limitation criteria to gift card sets: only possible discount. Added possibility to import own gift card codes and passwords.
1.1.2 - Added functionality for transaction queue that can be cleared if user goes back shopping after using the gift card. Also a functionality available when to clear the queue.
1.1.1 - Fixed some interface problems in the set view if there are system errors with the product linkings.
1.1 - Some UI tweaks. Added possibility to link existing products to gift card sets. Added possibility to add limitation criteria to the gift card sets.
1.0.1 - Fixed a bug in coupon mass activation. If no coupons were selected, all coupons from all sets were listed in the activation queue.
1.0 - Initial release