Configuration Page

The add-on configuration page will be shown to you on installation, but you can always access it again via Dashboard > eCommerce > Settings > Special Instructions Emails

Standard Attributes

This package was created to utilize placeholders for various product attributes to insert them into the email message. You can use this within the subject here and also within the Additional Product Details product attribute.

Please note that these must be UPPERCASE within the usage of this package.

  • Name {{PRODUCT_NAME}}
  • Price {{PRODUCT_PRICE}}
  • Image {{PRODUCT_IMAGE}}
  • Link {{PRODUCT_LINK}}
  • Description {{PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION}}

Custom Product Attributes

You may also include any custom attribute's string value for a product by entering its attribute handle in brackets. For example: {{manufacturer}}, {{color}}, etc.

Templating Engine

This package leverages the powerful, but straightforward Mustache templating engine. The package includes basic conditional templates as well. For example:

Non Empty Lists

  • {{.}}
  • {{/features}}

False Values or Empty Lists

Product Status: 

More detail and explanation can be found at the Mustache website Check it out

Magic Data Support

Also included is the capability to integrate with the powerful Magic Data family of add-ons.

Documentation for the Magic Data package can be found on the project website.