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Review posted by banditetr on at

Only for some small stores

If you need something bigger or your customer has some special wishes then you are in trouble.
But used on a small scale it is working very well
Review posted by marcus30 on at


Been using this plugin for about 3 years now for a client and all I can say is, in short, it sucks. If you're looking for a simple store out of the box this may work. But as soon as you or your client's needs start increasing, this plugin falls very short. It's pretty buggy and support for an issue can take months, so you will definitely need to get your hands dirty if you come across an issue. Concrete5 is a great CMS and very developer centric but if you are looking for a flexible eCommerce platform, look elsewhere.
Review posted by Trebxuor on at

Very Decent

This addon seems to work fine, with all the functionality that you would need in an eCommerce setup. The default product block display isn't anything spectacular, but nothing a bit of tweaking can fix.
Review posted by sergiolm on at

Spanish translate

Dear team, I have a question, It's possible to translate to Spanish language? Please let me know how to do it.

Best regards!
Review posted by SpokaneDude on at

IMHO, this add on needs help, especially in the documentation area

I had nothing but problems trying to get this to work correctly... the docs are minimal at best; yes parameters are described, but it's missing a very much needed "how to" to get it to work properly. I finally had to hire someone to show me what was missing in the docs, and lo-and-behold, after less than 10 minutes, it is now working and I'm relatively happy.

Would I use it again? Probably, now that I know what the shortcomings are. Support is on the weak side; they don't put much effort in finding out what exactly is causing a difficult problem. And I do know this is not a trivial add on, so maybe if the docs were spruced up, it might be easier to incorporate into a website.
Response by dantheman on at
This is an interesting viewpoint on this add-on and I was glad to read it. I've just come back to the ecommerce add-on after a long absence, just putting a simple store in place for a customer and it feels like there are a lot of dusty corners in the application: the 'add product' block dialogue with generally misaligned input labels, those terrible display image options which never seem to work for me, is a good example. I could also point the finger at the user interface in the dashboard, where once I have clicked on anything under the 'Ecommerce' heading (assuming I know it's there at all) I then have no links (even in the top-right triangle dropdown menu) back to things like ecommerce options/config.
But on the plus side it's very tightly integrated into Concrete5, I can add products wherever I like on the site, it's reasonably configurable and the license fee is fair. I'd hate for it to become abandonware - I really, really want it to migrate to 5.7 at some point. Not that I use it much but I like to know it's an option. Although reading the intro to the add-on written by the developers I am not holding my breath - they're basically saying 'use something else!'.
Review posted by catalan3 on at

Great addon

I was very pleased with this addon, I didn't have any issues and everything was as advertised.
Review posted by savvyeye on at

I bought it and played around with it on a test server but never went production with it.

I will give it 3 stars from the lil that I saw. I wonder if there will be a 5.7 version soon as I am getting ready to use it.
Review posted by xorcode on at

Decent product, needs additional add-on for shipping and documentation is poor.

The product is pretty good. Needed to buy a shipping plugin because shipping wasn't robust enough.

However, the learning curve is fairly steep for anyone still learning Concrete or anyone without extensive coding skills. Documentation wasn't much help, as it was written by people who understand the addon well for other people who understand the addon well. It is not written as introduction to how to use addon. It lacks basic how to aspects to be truly useful for teaching.

Plus, not all features have documentation. Extensive searching and still couldn't find proper documentation on multiple images for products.
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Great for small shops, still missing many standard shop options

For a big shop it is just a bit difficult to manage.
Most gateway's are not maintained, some do not work!
Would be better to have all gateways standard integrated!

Review posted by cityof on at

Great eCommerce!!

Has everything I needed. Shipping could have been more robust but I figured out how to make my own types that fit my needs.

It does have a learning curve but if you are patient and sit down with it you will find it is really easy to navigate and learn!
Review posted by hrcv on at

Super 5 Stars

In one word, magnific.
Very useful and powerful.
Not so simple to learn, but in tow hours you be able to work with it.
Very scalable also.
Review posted by SheldonB on at

been using eCommerce for a long time

Can't really say anything negative about it

The tax system has really saved me some headaches the fact that I can have digital items not being taxed then in the same cart have physical items that need to be shipped but only taxed based on country could had been a disaster. But from the git go the options where there so thumbs up.

I've had a few problem with other add-ons that work with the eCommerce add-on, but I have never had a problem where someone from the concrete team couldn't point me in the right direction if not find a solution.

I probably sell about 200 different products ranging from
-site access
-digital downloads
-books and supplies (need to be shipped and taxed)
Review posted by dlntx9 on at

will slow website to a crawl

Works great for small inventories, but after a few thousand product pages are created your site will get slower and slower
Review posted by jamesleech on at

Tackles complexity very well

This is an essential add-on, I only stopped at 4 stars as I needed to add some aspects in order to provide a result that worked for my clients situation. But maybe that flexibility deserves 5 stars?

Zone based shipping, CSV mass update and Table based shipping solved these issues. I would love to see them integrated into the add-on as they works so well and improve the experience so much.

The ecommerce / C5 team really went way out of their way to help me ghet this to work for my clients needs and I am extreemly grateful for that.

I wish I was smart enough to integrate this addon with other online accounting systems so that my clients could automate inventory and sales!
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Looks simpel but works nice. Has some bugs (v2.8.7)

Good for small and medium-sized businesses.
-No 5.6 dashboard
-Bugs not fixed
-Product single pages pour design
-No automated system messages for send status
-Does not get updated for long time.
-Translation files outdated
Review posted by Pomlo on at

Looks like the good e-commerce solution for us

Our website is mainly a "content" site with a very small e-commerce part. This add-on just do the job perfectly without headaches, it's basic but perfectly addresses our basic needs.
Just a star lost for the tax application mode which is "very US oriented" (linked to the state) and does not really fit an European view, we'll focus our work on this point now to see if we can improve it with a bit of custom code.
Review posted by jfederer on at

Great for small inventories

I have had no significant issues in implementing eCommerce on 3 sites so far. I did have an issue with the database not deleting entries properly (probably my own fault for not knowing what I'm doing!) but the tech support provided by MattWaters was amazingly prompt and accurate. I have used Magento in the past, which I found horribly confusing and frustrating. This module is the exact opposite - easy to learn, easy to use, effective and clean. Sure, I wouldn't want to handle large inventories with it, but for my limited needs, it's great.
Review posted by scdesign on at

Love it!

Brilliant, saved me a lot of time and effort and installed flawlessly. I did install the duck content, which is comical and did help me learn how to get used to the add-on...but there are a lot of images of ducks!

Highly recommend and would defiantly buy again, keep up the good work. (I do like ducks by the way!).
Review posted by JRick on at

eCommerce Suggestions

Hey guys,this really is a great product. I have set it up on a couple clients sites and they love it.

I just had a couple of thoughts for the next time you push an update and as being much of this is beyond my skill level, I thought I would pass them on.

1). I think the Love of Duck thing is pretty funny, and it helps me
to understand how to set things up for a client but, sometimes I wish there was an option to choose whether or not to include the Love of Duck examples.
2). It would be great to see a feature that would allow someone to delete multiple products from the product list rather than having to click on each individual product and then click delete.

Keep up the good work guys
Response by julia on at
Hey secretsquirrel, Thanks for the review.

There is a way to avoid the ducks--when you install, don't select to install with sample content.

We'll consider your suggestion for some kind of bulk delete functionality in the future.
Review posted by NunogRocha on at


It is easy to use but very limited, and every little extra thing you need it to have, you will have to pay extra for it, if that extra thing even exists in the market. It does the basic but needs a lot of improvements.
Review posted by citytech2 on at


This is really a great add-on. I love it.
Review posted by Kiesel on at


Yes it is easy to use!
Yes, it is powerful and awesome IF your needs are full-filled - more for small and easy shops.
No, it's not made for the European market (different VAT taxes on a per product base doesn't work for example)!
No, it's not bug-free.
Yes, if you delete the wrong pages you will have a hassle to get everything going again.
Do not uninstall and reinstall it! You will have incredible problems. In fact, you will probably not be able to use e-commerce anymore.
Review posted by drumrby on at

Very good.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the update to the eCommerce add-on. With Concrete5.5 it is easier than ever to have an online store on your website. I have used it on several sites and so far I am very happy with it.
Review posted by jhall729 on at

Ecommerce add on

Well just bought this thing and to be honest, it's one of the easiest I have ever seen. I have messed with zen,oscommerce, and various other carts but this one is about the best I have seen, coupled with the ease of the c5 cms, I couldn't ask for anything more....well maybe one more thing. How about a way to upload a product list from csv file? I did purchase the mass uploader but it doesn't appear to add new products, just updates ones that already are in there, unless of course I didn't do it correctly. Regardless it's a great combination and I am happy with it.
Response by EvanCooper on at
Hi jhall729,

Glad you're enjoying it! As for importing products via spreadsheet, be sure to check out the eCommerce Import add-on. That should give you that functionality:
Review posted by frz on at


Certainly not the way everyone else does it, but if you want your store to match comps perfectly with a custom architecture, you have complete control.
Review posted by 30Square on at


I have been using C5 for close to 18 months and I cannot go back to other cms's out there. There is nothing I have not been able to solve with it.

When I needed an ecommerce solution I traditionally went to magento. I have found so much frustration with magento it's not called the 500 pound gorrilla of ecommerce for nothing....but trying to get that thing to work has been a's very sensitive

When my client ask me to do a cart that had specific requirements I thought magento would help me out....I was wrong. I had modules colliding and the site breaking every at every turn.

I was desparate so I took the plunge and brought the C5 ecommerce solution. I have to say I am very impressed. Because I know C5 I could manually build the functionality the customer wanted and was able to set up the site in a few days.....I did not get this far in Magento in 2 weeks. I love the way it works and allows itself to be set up the product list page block is freaking amazing....I love that I dont have to thing about categories etc as that is a really old notion.

Thanks guys!!!
Response by PortlandLabs on at
You're welcome! Glad you're finding it flexible and easy to use!
Review posted by dantheman on at

The Ducks

I like the ecommerce package. I have used it for 4 different sites now and it has proven to be a very flexible package, particularly for small catalogues of products. There are some UI oddities but no deal-breakers.
The reason I am writing this right now is to say, surely it is time to let go of the ducks? In case you don't know what I'm on about, when you install the package you get a whole host of ducks installed as products, complete with images.
I want the ducks GONE! Because each time I have deleted the products, thinking 'yay, the ducks are gone, now I can get on with adding some real products.' But then I go to product attributes and hello, there are three quack-related items there too. And so I delete these, thinking 'NOW they're gone'. But my memory being what it is each time I have then gone into the File Manager and of course that is still stuffed full of unwanted duck-related pictures. Handsome, but unwanted.
I get the point of the ducks. In fact I thought them funny, perhaps even hilarious, the first time. But couldn't there be an option to NOT install 'em each time? Guys - it's time to hunt some duck.
Response by PortlandLabs on at
Hi Dan, yes we're going to eventually add an option whether or not to install demo content for add-ons. If you want to know more about disabling the demo content, open a support request on it and we have a couple manual options already working.
Review posted by taylor61 on at

Happy, Happy

I am so glad I purchased this eCommerce add-on. I was trying to build my site using only PayPal and was just not having any success. This is a nice, clean program that makes my site look way more professional than a newbie like me should have been able to build!
Review posted by pendragn on at

A Great add-on

I was able to install this add-on and without much hassle at all get non-webby people to understand it and add great! Recommended!
Review posted by nicobe on at

Works great and... très pratqiue

Because this plugin is available in french, my review will be in... French ;-)
Fait très bien ce qu'on attend de lui, juste ce qu'il faut, facile à paramétrer même si au début tout n'est pas spécialement clair (pour moi du moins). Il est combiné avec DigitalDownlad et ça fonctionne à merveille. Tout ce qu'on attend est prévu sans être une usine à gaz.
Encore quelques petits détails à améliorer et ce sera parfait.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

It does the job, but there is room for a bit more polish.

Getting eCommerce installed and some products in was fairly straightforward. Where I had questions, support was prompt and accurate.
For me, it doesn't get 5 stars because there is still room for a bit of polish. Shopping carts are not persistent (thanks Ryan for your advice on hacking this). The default shipping option is too basic and if none of the shipping add-ons suit your requirements, you have to code your own. There are occasionally funnies on the back/previous buttons during the checkout process. Don't get me wrong; these are only minor niggles and overall its a great product.
Review posted by 12345j on at

New version

New version is better than ever, lots of useful new features for product management. Well done c5 team!
Review posted by boomgraphics on at

Had a few bugs at first, but support is very fast and helpful.

I had a few issues with the new plain templates, but I posted in support, and the next day andrew released an update with fixes for my issue.

Fantastic support, as usual!
Review posted by plum on at

Works great!

Works perfectly and I like the new features!

Before 2.0

Review posted by MicroSourcing on at

Usability vs. Functionality

Its functionality compensates for its lack of usability. I've been trying to categorize products but I can't find an option where you can filter the items rather than the search function. It is easy to set up but hard to customize.

Design is pretty hard to modify too. I suggest using template variables for a flexible customization.
Review posted by crocheteverafter on at

No prior experience

I have never set up a website let alone add a shopping cart feature. Not only did concrete5 make it easy on this first timer, but ecommerce was just what I needed with it's auto download add on.

Set up was super easy and I didn't mind the back and front end editing as others have complained about. It was nice to set attributes on the back end that I could select from and then just make them visible when customizing my pages on the front.

Though it may not have absolutely every feature I would want, I'm sure if I knew anything about writing and editing code I could customize it even more, but for what I am using it for, it fits me just perfect.

I would give it five stars if it could do all that I want. (i.e. rearrange product attributes in the order I want without having to delete and reenter, change font and layout of descriptions of product).
Review posted by Vanfenix on at

Good Product - not for large scale use.

The installation was simple. But later on, I found that the setup wasn't overly fantastic. when you display the products, you can arrange the look and feel, but there's no way to sort your items to view to the public. I had major problems with the light-box whereas it would not center the image - so part of some images were coming off screen. This is a good product if you have a dozen or so items that you wish to sell, but as my client was wanting 250 types of Teas listed on her site. This just did not cut it at all. It definitely needs work as Franz had mentioned and I'm sure with more updates and bug reports that come in, they'll have all the quirks ironed out. I feel that the screen casts made it look simple, but when i got into the customizing of product options - I was totally lost. I could never get it to work in the end and moved to opencart. :(
Review posted by pixo on at

Flexible and Relatively Easy to Use

I've used this add-on both for online catalogs and ecommerce and it works great. Adding products is easy and intuitive. Some of the previous comments weren't completely accurate in that adding new products is a one-step process.

The basics of this system are simple. It does take some time to get everything setup but I'd rather have it that way and have flexability in the system than have it take less time and not be able to do what I want.

I'd like to see more discount pricing options in the system (particularly tiered pricing) in the future and an easier way to change the display of the product detail pages. I'd also like a block that allows you to list product categories with the number of products available in that category next to it's name. That has been a request from a couple of different clients. Lastly an easier way to make bulk changes to product detail pages is a must. When you have 450 products in the system and the client makes a request to change 300 of the product detial pages there isn't an easy way that I have found to do that if it isn't in the template.
Review posted by 12345j on at


Id agree with the other posts that it is harder than id expect to set up. The frontend system looks great and is intuitive, but its a pain to set things up from the backend and then the frontend.
Review posted by Vivid on at


1. Flexible System
2. Fairly simple to add products
3. No install problems.
4. If you know your PHP, it's got a decent base to develop on.

1. Not especially intuitive. Telling a client, "in order to add a product, first add it to the back end. But wait you're not done. also go to the product page, edit this block and set these properties..." that's too much.

2. Lacks a lot of basic features such as attribute quantities, discount options..etc. Most add-ons will cost money, and just add "more stuff". A good example is ChadStrat's "eCom Tools", which is a great product that fills some holes of some of the basic features that this product is lacking. But it's added as another tab, instead of grouped with eCommerce which makes it unorganized.

3. TABLES! Why oh why was this built with tables?!?! and at that, half of them are missing ID's or classes. I had to spend about 15 hours rewriting it to get rid of most of them so that I could work with it in a decent manner.

COMMENTS: If you have a nice website, and it happens to sell a few products, this is perfect. If you need complex discounts or additional shipping/payment options, you'll need to pay extra. If you need complex attributes, you're out of luck.
Review posted by Spietz on at

Huge Privacy and Security Risk

Can't remove/delete Orders which keeps all my customers information.
Response by frz on at
Deleting orders is a feature we plan to add in the future, but it's hardy a huge security risk. We're not storing credit card information in the database or anything with any financial data in it so it's completely PCI compliant.
Review posted by bsmschool on at

Much improved in version 2.0

Latest release improves functionality over the previous generation.
Review posted by parklinkindavid on at

Id take it or leave it

The files wouldn't install correctly the first time, but after a quick response from the support I fixed it. But as stated by other users, there is a lot to mess with. And now I'm currently having problems with billing/submit...
Review posted by VPenkov on at

Don't like it

First it started ok but there was WAY too much stuff to mess with.
I started with rewriting the whole code so it doesn't use tables. Then I went debugging what not but there was a lot of uncommented code so I had a hard time doing it.

It does have most of the features I need but I really don't like the way it's been coded.
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Real nice eCommerce solution for extending C5.

New 1.8.7 is really better than the old versions. eCommerce is really flexible, like the whole C5 is nice and flexible to meet your needs.

It is really great for extending C5, without have to deal with a pro ecommerce software like magento or oscommerce.

I can really recommend this! Good work!
Review posted by jvirtuel on at

i miss somthing

i was about to buy it when i realize somthing..
i have been testing it on demo admin
look nice simple
ad product bla bla flexible
then i have done like i am a customer and try to buy somthing
and BOOM!!! i see there is no registration or account for buyer !!!

buyer can not review is order or print is invoice...

i am not sure i understand but if there is not this feature it is basivly a paypal shoppingcart with some design lool

anyway ... good luck with it.. but very far from what expectes
Review posted by jgarcia on at

Good, but takes a little getting used to

Got the e-commerce package a few weeks ago and have been working on implementing a site using it. After working with it, I've got used to it and I do like it now. It feels very flexible and able to be adapted for a variety of different e-commerce setups.

That said, I do have to admit that it's not quite as intuitive as I expected it to be. For me, using C5 came as second-nature almost right away. I played for it for a few minutes and had the basics of everything down. The e-commerce package hasn't quite been the same way. Of course, e-commerce is totally different than content management, and there are all sorts of variables that can complicate things.

Overall, it is a great package that seems like a very flexible solution that will meet the needs of many e-commerce sites.
Review posted by jincmd on at

Sweet system....

Although I receive the following error now when checking the corecommerce demo to see the UPS addon in action

Error given upon enter shipping info as the same as shipping, and clicking next

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ADODB_Exception' with message 'mysql error: [1048: Column 'uID' cannot be null] in EXECUTE("insert into CoreCommerceOrderStatusHistory (orderID, oshStatus, oshDateSet, uID) values ('1', 2, '2009-11-15 08:56:05', NULL)") ' in /home/c5man/public_html_corecommerce_demo/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/ Stack trace: #0 /home/c5man/public_html_corecommerce_demo/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/ adodb_throw('mysql', 'EXECUTE', 1048, 'Column 'uID' ca...', 'insert into Cor...', false, Object(ADODB_mysql)) #1 /home/c5man/public_html_corecommerce_demo/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/ ADOConnection->_Execute('insert into Cor...') #2 [internal function]: ADOConnection->Execute('insert into Cor...', Array) #3 /home/c5man/public_html_corecommerce_demo/concrete/libraries/database.php(73): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #4 [internal function]: Database->__call('Execute', Array) #5 /home/c5man/public_html_corecommerce_demo/packages/c in /home/c5man/public_html_corecommerce_demo/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/ on line 78
Review posted by btugwell on at

Perfect for the Small Business

I really appreciate this toolset being available. It packages up all the basics that 90% of my small business clients need, and adds a great set of functions to a really great CMS. $95 is a steal for what you get here - flat out. I am happy to pay it.
Great work c5'rs.
Review posted by mario on at

Happy to buy this

My company tried this out and we love it. We're buying more copies for other domains. It's user friendly, does most of what needs doing and the price is definitely right.

Are there some things that might need improvement? Of course. Most of those things are in the "nice to have but not necessary for everyone category". But that's true of everything and all the core functions are there in my opinion not to mention nicely integrated with the rest of the CMS.

Although I appreciate many developers third-party efforts, using the core team's plug-in inspires confidence that it will play well with other standard add-ons, ensures compatibility in the future and perform well as what is, for many business, a mission critical component of their website.

Many thanks to the Concrete 5 team for their hard work and making c5 an even more robust CMS than it already is. :) Give the demo a try and see if it'll work for you.
Review posted by platypusman on at

The wait is over!

Knew this was in the works (or at least being considered), but thought it was still a year off or more. It came at the perfect time for me -- been dissatisfied with osCommerce & ZenCart, and was about to make the daunting move to Magento... when this was released. Hurrah! Very pleased with it so far.

Are there some things missing? Sure. What do you expect for an initial release? Overall, though, it's simple, flexible, and functional. Very slick. Well worth the $95, in my opinion.

I had also been considering FoxyCart -- which I think might be a close second -- but considering how much I love Concrete and how tightly eCommerce integrates with the CMS, this is definitely the way to go. (And FoxyCart is $15/month -- in 7 months you've already paid for the ONE-TIME cost of eCommerce.)

In short, buy it -- you won't regret it.
Review posted by darryloctober on at

Initial Impression

Initial impressions are great, I was looking forward to trying out some of the features after watching the screencasts and found learning the add-on a breeze.

It'll be easy for our clients to update and it's flexible enough accomodate anything from a single product to shelves full of them.

Some of the features don't go quite deep enough for my liking (mainly discounts and shipping) but it's still a fantastic eCommerce solution and I'm certain the next few updates will earn that extra star.

Thanks for a great product,

Review posted by ThemeGoodness on at


I have to be honest I didn't want to pay this much. I know, I am cheap. =) But having bought carts before for customers that I was less than pleased with, I am pleasantly suprised and find it reasonable. It is not for everyone, but I think anyone who is using C5 for a site it's perfect. Anything else more robust you need to move it anyway to a different application. I think it will be perfect for my clients so its great to be able to offer it to them.


Review posted by bcarone on at

Haven't bought it yet BUT...

Franz and the core team, GREAT JOB. As a webmaster, site designer and PM, I must say the out of the box features and look and feel are wonderful. This appears to be so simple and elegant anyone will be able to understand how to use it easily.

As for small businesses, any small business will be able to afford this add-on. Larger companies will be like "Your kidding me! One time cost! Can't be true!" I will have to convince them of the truth of it. It's great.

Thanks so much again. As a reviewer already stated, this add-on just brings the maturity of Concrete5 further into the playing field. Great job!!!

Review posted by Benji on at

'bout time to rock

Nice job, guys. It really looks perfect for content editors to be able to do anything they want on any given page, pretty much. My only question: who's gonna ship the ducks?

No, really…you guys should be proud. All that customizability in the callouts and lightboxes should go above and beyond anyone's expectations for out-of-the-box anything. And I'm sure you'll be busting out some more features with it … it just makes c5 ever the more complete, and all the more reason not to go anywhere else.

But the price……the price is ridiculous. RIDICULOUSLY LOW. My friends, as a business owner I can confidently say that he who cannot spend $95 on eCommerce (ahem…did I mention ONE-TIME?) is not willing to invest in making any money at all online. $95 is a measly tax write-off. I don't care if c5 is free. I researched shopping carts up the yin-yang not long ago, and for something this drop-dead simple (not to mention good-looking), a one-time $95 is nothing. It's like hiring a programmer to build something custom for your site that you can go on managing forever without it breaking or just being a beast or so-1995, and then being billed for like, what, an hour? OK, maybe 10 hours if they're offshore. I rest my case.

c5, thou art modest.
Review posted by inkpress on at


It looks pretty good.. but I think your price-point is really high, I love Concrete5 and really appreciate that it's opensource, but as a webmaster, I would not be able to convince my clients (the ones that look for opensource due to smaller budgets) to spend $95 bucks on an add-on. That said, I know the programming that must have gone into it, and it's worth every penny and more..
Review posted by nolmscheid on at


From what I have seen so far...awesome!
Review posted by frz on at

bout time

it kills me that we spent 6 months screwing around with magento commerce before just building this ourselves..

this is no where near as powerful out of the box, but its a really good framework for building just what you need. With Magento pricing their commercial version at $9k/year on the LOW end, clearly we're speaking to different markets.

If you've got some stuff to sell on your site, this add-on is perfect.

If you've got a huge ecommerce site with hundreds of thousands of products, multiple languages, multiple currencies, etc - you probably should look at something less focused on flexibility and more focused on enterprise workflow.

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