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Review posted by Shillo on at


Exactly what I needed at the cost of nothing!
Works great, very friendly UI and isn't buggy.
Review posted by ronyDdeveloper on at

Great Add-on

Its a great and simple add-on to use. Also the documentation is very to the point.
Review posted by imJack on at

Super tool

Another great tool for my client. A quick video, and they are golden on the learning side.

Review posted by diorist on at

Great developer tutorial; okay faq manager

I give this addon four stars because it provides some practical and rather unique insight into how C5 works. The code is exquisitely well documented; and the developer can (almost literally) do no wrong in my book because of his broader contributions to the C5 community as a whole. Plus, fundamentally, Example FAQ works as described. And it's free. You can't knock free.

That said, I ultimately couldn't use Example FAQ in production for a couple of reasons:

a) Each long-form answer is on its own page---a bit unwieldy in terms of both UX and DB-weight. This format is baked into to architecture and can't be changed.

b) Although you can modify and add questions, there's no way to delete them. (You can, as a kluge, assign them to a never-displayed section.)

c) The FAQ display format is tabular with element-level styling. I know this is acceptable practice per the C5 core; but for the end-user it's still a procedural headache to have to dig through php to customize design. Div-based structuring with a dedicated CSS file would be more flexible.
Review posted by 846studios on at


Makes creating a FAQ page effortless. Easy to set up and does exactly what its supposed to do. Great add on!
Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

Easy to use

Very easy to use - even used it with the popup add-on to quickly show users information during a booking process.
Review posted by digirunt on at

Good place to start out learning about C5 packages and blocks

Used this along with the tutorial Andrew has provided to learn about C5 blocks and single pages. It also functions really well for its intended purpose making a nice search engine friendlily FAQ / Glossary manager for your site.
Review posted by clintre on at

Very Simple yet Capable

This is a very easy to use FAQ / Glossary type system. I say glossary because that is what I use it for. It works well.

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