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Review posted by socalrescue on at

Works Great

This was just what we needed to organize information on our website. Doesn't seem super easy to format to our website but still looks good and is very functional. Thanks!
Review posted by jfederer on at

Simple and effective

Simple to implement, works well for the user. I haven't tried changing the styles yet, but defaults are OK for now.
Review posted by ProjbyP on at

Nice but problems and no resolution to issues

The FAQ is a nice ad don that is fairly easy to use and work with.

I had issues with not being able to override the styles --Developer responded, updated the app but I couldn't get the update. I asked for help and he did respond again indicating that he changed the version so I could update but again the site did not recognize or find the update. I again asked for the files but no response.

For some reason, the add on quit working ... I couldn't edit the FAQ and did not get a response for help. Ended up requesting refund.

I do wonder if developer is away or perhaps ill because earlier responses were answered. Needless to say, I can't have a non functioning addon ... Clients expect prompt fixes.
Response by DeWebmakers on at

Sorry if the support isn't to your liking.
I'm very busy, so you'll have to wait sometimes.

To answer your question though, just create a template. You can add your own styles here.


Review posted by WebOnTheWebb on at

Top add-on

Very easy to use, very good add-on. Changing the CSS was a doddle and it's a simple task getting all the content in the right place... I recommend!
Review posted by cayercreative on at

Developer is awesome

Ok, So this Developer is awesome. I asked a simple question about having the first panel open upon page load...

He went and made it happen!

Great communication.

Looking at buying other licenses from this Developer!

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