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Extended Google Map

Create a Google Map including driving directions with one single or multiple locations on your C5 website without the use of kml files!

Click here for a demo!

Extended Google Maps Block
You can add multiple locations by address or coordinates. For each location you can add an unique icon, add a custom infowindow text.

Available options

  • Automatic zoom level
    all icons on the map will be shown in one glance. But you could also change it to your own likings. 
  • Enable and disable the infowindows on the map
    change the trigger for the infowindows (click or mouseover)
  • Directions to and from the locations.
  • Change the map width, height, type (normal, satellite or hybrid). 
  • Change the map controls, map overview and map border. 
  • Change the overall iconsize
    so all your icons on the map will be in proportion. 
  • Enable and disable sidebar
NEW in version 3.0!!!
  • Google Maps V3
  • New layout
  • C5.5 support
  • Sortable locations
  • Better sidebar and info window support
  • Direction problems solved
  • Language file support
  • Support of default Google marker
  • Streetview and other V3 functions
  • Custom styled map feature
  • NOTICE: 
  • Updating from older versions (< 3.0) can cause errors.
    Locations added can be overwritten or lost.


Sales have ended due to EOL

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