Multi words in different order

Hello, Is het possible to search words in different order? I have the idea it only works when you search for the exact phrase (matches exact phrases. e.g. 'home page' will work but 'page home won't)

All availableTags is printed?

hi 12345j, i just want to confirm something. assume we have 1000 tags in the table(i forget the table name to store this tag), all that 1000 tags will be output to the page? because i see view source code via firefox, all the tags present in js. isnt…

How make autocomplete as a link?

j, i found something intresting, i try to make placeholder as a link [code] $(document).ready(function(){ var availableTags = [

Autocomplete not work

hii 12345j, i install the add on, but autocomplete not shown, what do you mean autocomplte get data from page tags? i know there is tag block with concrete5, should i add this tagg block too, to make autocomplete work?

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