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Review posted by rritz on at

never worked for me

I never figured out how it works, never did for me, always error messages. It didn't 'understand' my facebook app ID I think, anyway most likely it was some issue with facebook since other users could get the app to work alright
Review posted by gbda on at

great useful app

really useful app simple to use
Review posted by bojanm on at

Nice add-on

I use it every day on my sites. Nice work.
Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at

Awesome Add-on

Does what it should, easy to use, perfect!
Thanks :)
Review posted by Andym2009 on at

Browser support

Works ok with safari and chrome, but not ie.
Also works with opera and Firefox.
I seem to have uninstalled Netscape so I can't test that one.
Review posted by mikesscrollsaw on at

concrete 5 ver. 5.5

any idea when you'll have an updated mod for the new concrete 5 version?
Review posted by globalnerds on at

Great Add on

it was easy to use an configure. Recommend !
Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

Great add-on

The hardest part was completing the Facebook Application form!

The block was easy to use and add to the site.
Review posted by kstrange on at

This would be an AWESOME addon - IF IT WORKED :-(

This is a great concept, a great idea, and a super cool addon for integrating facebook with concrete websites. It's too bad that it doesn't work.

The profile faces do not show up, and it seems like IE7 and IE 8 doesn't like it at all.. I gave it one star, only because the system won't let me say "no stars".

What ashame.........
Review posted by cliffsheets on at

Still can't figure out how to add it.

I've downloaded the addon into my dashboard. I've tried copying and pasting the iframe and XFBML html code into my website, but it isn't doing anything. the iframe code disappears when I click the update button. What am I missing?
Response by nalberto on at
You dont need to do all this. Just get your facebook app id and drag the addon on your page.
Review posted by marguz on at

Love it... but?

Love this addon but one question I can't seem to figure out. How to I tell it to grab a picture that I want to show up on the users profile wall? This does grab a picture, but I have no idea how to force it to the picture I want...
Review posted by wagdi on at

Join the Network

Great add-on. What a fantastic way to share your website. Just what I've been looking for. Thanks.

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