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Before 2.0

Review posted by BertOlton on at


From a novice/piker/old geezer, this works beautifully. Very classy look and feel. Blends seamlessly with site and theme. Many thanks!

Best regards,
Review posted by WebStudioEast on at

Great Gallery!!!

After reading the first review I was a little bit skeptical but after purchasing and using this gallery I am definitely loving it and annoyed at the first review.

This gallery is very well built, is very easy to use and has great design elements. And the support for categories works great and is what sold me on it for this project.

It's definitely worth the money and it works flawlessly. Thanks Concrete guys!
Review posted by RyujiS on at

Good gallery, but image navigation (by viewer) is not easy

This gallery is very simple, easy to navigate and clean-cut. But there are some problems...

* I can't eliminate the top tab when I don't need it (when I have only one gallery)

* It's impossible to change the image size and the gallery window size independently when I use an image link to a new window.

* there is no full-screen mode

* Concrete5 people who created the add-on is unwilling to update or improve the package.

2.0 - 1.2

Review posted by rritz on at


Beautiful and works perfectly. Thxs for making it free now too!
I use it on all my sites, classy look.

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