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The scaler worked well on 5.4 sotes but not on 5.5. When I flagged this i was told a new version was ready. When I installed this it didn't work after which support stopped. Not sure I can recommend this add on just yet.

Before 2.1.0

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Seams to be a good start

This plug-in is on it's way to being a really useful tool, unfortunately not the time saver I was looking for. This tool does not work in IE7, despite what the information page says. It also needs tweaking to make it work in embedded templates, see the discussion area if you are having troubles.
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Thanks for the review. I'm definitely planning on overhauling this one with more features/options/support, but in it's current state it's pretty stale. This was made a while back and I think there's room for advancement. I'll update the browser compatibility on it as well.
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Great addon!!

Really works!!!
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Bigger (or smaller) is Better

Ok, I don't know how this works yet but it is very cool. You can select which tags are affected by the scaling! So I can have my paragraph text get bigger or smaller without affecting my navigation or my header h1, or in fact any h1's. The actual icons age kinda ugly so I'll know off about 0.02 stars for that yielding a net rating of 5 stars.

See my review and sample page here:

It may evolve over the next few hours because I think Im going to play with this block a while.

Thanks, Lucas.

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